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Clueless why people are not joining your social media campaign? These could be the reasons

You may been working even on weekends to get your social media marketing efforts deliver some measurable result but despite giving your best, you might find that outcome is far from being impressive, if not unsatisfactory.  Don’t be upset because you are not the only one having this problem. There are hundreds of social media professionals who are facing the same problem days in and days out. There [...]

Are you still committing these mistakes in ecommerce returns?

Customer service and organisational skills are two of the most important pillars for any ecommerce retail that is eyeing productivity and benefits in terms the returns in holiday seasons. It goes without saying that the holiday seasons are extremely critical time for any business with intentions of making it big in terms of sales. If you are lacking in terms of preparation for this beneficial season [...]

Small Business Tips: Getting And Keeping Traffic To Your Website

A small business working online will need to constantly get traffic to their website. If there are no visitors, there can be no customers. This is a problem that will come back over and over again for as long as your business has a website. There are literally hundreds of thousands of websites out there, each vying for the attention of everyone that has an Internet connection. You’ll need a few tips [...]

Understanding ‘Mobile SEO’

More and more people today are using smartphones to access the Internet as oppose to a desktop or laptop computer. This evolution that has occurred in our culture has affected SEO in a new way that could be costly to your website if you are not keeping up with this trend. So what is different about this type of SEO and how does it affect the way in which mobile visitors view your website? Responsive [...]

5 Top Tips To Boost Your Affiliate Income

If you’re trying to earn money online with affiliate marketing then you’ve no doubt discovered that it’s nowhere near as easy as the “gurus” try to convince you. You’ve got to build a website, drive traffic to it, convince your visitors to click your affiliate links and then ensure you’re promoting products that convert well. That’s a lot of moving parts [...]

Women business owners: Opportunities, challenges and growth

Women are increasingly gaining recognition as aspiring and successful business owners not just locally but globally. They have proved their capability to promote and expand business equally. It would not be stretching of the truth, if we say that women are gaining an edge over their male counterparts in some sectors. Since women are gradually becoming industry leaders by engendering hopes in the market [...]

How can marketers make best use of Instagram?

Social media marketing, these days, appears to have an inclination more on numbers, images and statistics. Instagram has evolved as one platform that helps businesses connect with images. This popular mobile photo sharing application has witnessed an increase in the number of users from 15 to 80 million. When it comes to stunning and exceptionally beautiful visual content, nothing can actually beat [...]

Seven Secrets To Efficiency In The Digital Age

It’s the twenty first century, and though we haven’t quite yet found ourselves living the futuristic dreams of Hanna and Barbera in the technologically driven utopia wonderfully animated in the Jetsons (we know you’ll remember this). We do live in a world that is increasingly automated, where everything is faster, so fast at times it can feel as though we are well acquainted with [...]

Boosting Conversion with Cool Checkout Tricks

Your website looks stunning, navigation is great and it is performing pretty well online, so far everything is fine and the world is once again a peaceful place. But wait! Did you check the number of visitors get converted this month in the analytics account? If not, do check now. Welcome to the imperfect world of reality. Don’t get too surprised, because you are not the one and only person in this [...]

5 Lessons From Self Help Books That Can Help You Grow Your Online Business

Not too long ago I was very sceptical of self-help books and viewed them as mostly ‘hokum’ designed to target the desperate with wishy-washy ideas and a lot of big talk. It was only when I actually started reading a few of them that I realised this wasn’t always the case. Sure, some of the time it’s true – and a recent book I read that made wild claims based on a misunderstanding [...]
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