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WordPress 3.0 is Here: MU and WordPress Merges – Great News for Webpreneurs

wordpress 3.0 releasedNicknamed “Thelonious,” WordPress has just released the latest version – WordPress 3.0.

Of the new features, I particularly fave the merger of WordPress MU and WordPress single user – now you can create one blog or one million blogs as you wish from the same installation. If you are wondering, WordPress MU is WordPress for multi-users (e.g. – is a powerful platform to create multiple blogs with ease.

The new WordPress 3.0 also features a lighter Admin interface and a new default theme, Twenty Ten, that I think should be adequate to be released as a Premium WordPress Theme.

Here’s the screenshot of the new WordPress default theme:

twenty ten default wordpress theme

How WP 3.0 can help webpreneurs

One thing for sure, you can now startup an online business selling products or offering services while managing member-owned blogs that can help you evangelize your brand name.

If your forte is building blogs and launching informational products, the multi-blog setup features will help you managing squeeze pages and landing pages on individual sub-domains.

The possibilities are endless!

Watch this official WordPress 3.0 video tour:

Read the official release from Blog.

Ivan Widjaya
WP 3.0 is webpreneurs-friendly

P.S.: Any ideas on how to benefit from WP 3.0 for your webpreneurial ventures? Please share by commenting on this article.

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