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Why Your Business Should Be Using Pinterest

pinterest for businessWhile Pinterest is a relatively new social media website, its popularity has grown by leaps and bounds. In fact, the only social media websites that receive more traffic are Facebook and Twitter – which makes it another drtv marketing dream. If you’re not utilizing Pinterest for marketing your business, you’re most likely losing out on considerable traffic and sales. To understand the full value of this site, let’s discuss the reasons why your business should be using Pinterest.

High Traffic

Perhaps the biggest reason is simply the large amount of traffic Pinterest receives on a daily basis. In fact, this website typically receives over 4 million unique visitors every day. Besides this, the average person spends approximately 14 minutes on the site during each visit. This means that you can potentially drive huge traffic to your business and increase your exposure significantly simply by posting pins.

Easy Conversions

Another benefit of Pinterest is the minimal amount of hurdles people have to jump to buy your products. Unlike other social media sites like Twitter that only offer a text link to products, every pin on Pinterest displays a picture of a product. Therefore, a person can easily see a product, click it once to enlarge the picture and click it once more to end up on your sales page. As a result, this often leads to increased conversion rates. That’s why many large companies like Whole Foods Market and Southwest Airlines are already using Pinterest.

It’s Free

Along with this, Pinterest is completely free to use. While other forms of marketing often involve investments, this social media site is perfect for smaller businesses with shoestring budgets. In this way, you can easily connect with your target audience and compete with much larger companies for no money at all. Inbound LinksThis website is also perfect for accumulating lots of inbound links for your business. Due to the ease with which people can “repin” or “like” your pins, it’s an extremely efficient way to build up large numbers of links that point to your website. Anyone familiar with search engine optimization will understand the advantages of this because more inbound links mean more backlink juice for your website. In a sense, your followers and other people on Pinterest end up marketing your business for you.

In addition, your business can benefit because of the projected growth of Pinterest. While it primarily caters to the female demographic currently, it’s likely that it will be used by a wider demographic in the future. If you want to get on board with this website and need help in the realm of social media, you can enlist the services of direct response advertising agencies for help.

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