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Why You Should Host Your Sites on Cloud Hosting

cpanel cloud hostingHave you ever been suspended by your web hosting provider for excessive resource uses? One of my sites was, and it really sucks. Fortunately, cloud hosting providers come to the rescue.

The site under the spotlight is Noobpreneur Business Blog. It is quite popular among small business / entrepreneurship blogs and occasionally gets to the first page of some popular social bookmarking sites, such as Reddit and StumbleUpon.

Do you know what really sucks? Because when you are suspended, you won’t get any notice from the web hosting provider. You will realize it either when you visit your sites or your site uptime monitoring software. Despite being a common practice, I complained to the web hosting provider because there was no notification regarding the suspension whatsoever.

To cut long story short, my site was shut down automatically by the system and lose a couple of hundreds visits that day. The only explanation I’ve got when contacting the hosting support is that my site is using too much resources.

The thing is, I want the spike of traffic; I want the exposure I can get from Digg and the likes. It’s ridiculous to Digg-proof your sites, when what you want is really laser-targeted traffic from Digg.

Of course, I was recommended to upgrade to VPS or Dedicated server. While this is a valid suggestion, the cost associated with VPS or Dedicated hosting is pretty high.

I searched for alternatives, and have found that cloud hosting can remedy your “excessive resource usage” problem and doing so at a fraction of VPS or Dedicated hosting costs.

What is cloud hosting?

In essence, cloud hosting is a web hosting that provides and allocates shared resources, software, and information on demand.

When your sites happen to receive huge amount of traffic in a very short period of time, the cloud environment allocate resources automatically to keep your sites up.

So, yes – no more suspended sites due to excessive resource usages. A big, big benefit for you who own big and popular sites.

Which cloud hosting?

There are many hosting provider offering cloud hosting services, but I would like to recommend one simply because I host my sites with this hosting and the overall experience is great.

I recommend you to host your sites with SiteCloud.

SiteCloud is a new cloud hosting provider. It is better than the rest and more appealing than the rest for two obvious reasons:

  1. SiteCloud is world’s first cloud hosting running on cPanel/WHM platform – a big plus for webmasters and webpreneurs who used to manage their sites within cPanel environment.
  2. 100% green cloud hosting (100% carbon-neutral.)

Other top-notch industry-standard features include:

  1. Great 24/7 customer support.
  2. Free site migration, domain names, site builders, and more./li>
  3. Unlimited space, bandwidth, hosted domains, email accounts, mySQL databases, and more.
  4. 99.9% uptime, 30-day money back guarantee, quick activation, no hidden fees.

If you think big of your websites, consider to host them with cloud hosting, such as SiteCloud.

Ivan Widjaya
Host my sites in the cloud

Ivan Widjaya is a webpreneur and an owner of a site network. He actively runs, a small business tips blog, and, a cloud business blog .

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