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Why Webpreneurs should Go Cloud

go cloudGo cloud is a “trendy” term – unofficial one – to explain a business or individual moving conventional business operations or personal activities to the Internet, using services offered by cloud vendors, without the need of more investment in IT hardware and software.

Typically, the need to go cloud is apparent if you are doing or looking for the following:

  • Avoid more investment in IT infrastructure as your business grows
  • You travel a lot – you need to access your files and folder with or without a laptop, in any part of the world
  • You want to have an online backup of all your important files and folders
  • You want to share files or doing online meeting (or meet-up)
  • You are doing business with overseas business partners
  • You are doing business online and collaborating/outsourcing with freelancers

…and many other reasons.

In term of webpreneurship, you need to go cloud due to the fact that it is simpler to collaborate with and outsource to freelancers and companies from any part of the world.

The end results you are seeking by going cloud are money saving/cost cutting and increased productivity.

Going cloud can save you money and/or reduce your business costs

Cloud computing solutions allow you to access web-based resources on-demand, meaning you only use resources that you only need. This way, you pay less (you pay for your usage level.) Cloud computing is scalable, so if your business grow, your cloud can always grow with you, no matter whether you are a 1-person business or 5,000-staff business.

The above only mean one thing: Reduced business costs – both in the form of recurring business expenses and IT infrastructure investment (more laptops/PCs, networking equipments and office fixture/furniture.)

All in all, cloud computing for business means reduced business costs, which equals to more money saved.

Going cloud can increase your productivity

Why bother exchanging email replies when you can log in to a cloud solution provider and collaborate online: Edit documents in real time with your team, share files, doing web conference, etc. – all in one place.

Cloud apps allow you to have a more nimble business. You don’t need to invest on anything to get things started; you can in fact start right away – just log in to your choice of cloud services and start doing your thing. Need to change business direction fast? Just do the necessary changes online and settle things faster with your team and clients.

The opportunities presented by cloud business solutions are limitless. Learn more by visiting my cloud business review site.

Ivan Widjaya
Go cloud

Ivan Widjaya is a webpreneur and an owner of a site network. He actively runs, a small business tips blog, and, a cloud business blog .

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  1. Today every one opts global. I heard about cloud computing is a good technology to market products or store personal things. I got more about cloud from this article. I like this article. Thanks giving useful information.

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