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Why Webpreneurs Should do Grey Hat Techniques to Survive the Competition

risk takingHere’s a newsflash for you: To succeed, webpreneurs should take the grey hat routes. As controversial as this may be, but doing grey hat techniques could our only chances to survive the competition.

Being a webpreneur these days is a tough job – you need to be a super human being one. You need to wear many hats, like any other types of entrepreneurs; you need to build a business, handle its marketing, manage its internal operations, deal with competition, etc.

As if those are not difficult enough, as an online entrepreneur you are required to be able to find loopholes in order to stay competitive.

Mastering loopholes exploitation techniques – often called as grey hat techniques – is crucial to allow you to compete with limited resources.

No, it’s not illegal to exploit loopholes. Doing black hat techniques, such as cookie stuffing, is illegal, but doing grey hat techniques is smart.

What kind of grey hat techniques I’m talking about

There is an abundance of grey hat techniques you can do to keep yourself competitive. Some examples include:

  • Buy a dropped domain name with PageRank, build a site around it so that it’s worthy enough to be able to make you money via paid reviews, link sales, and such.
  • Building a network of autoblogs, making money with PPC ads (e.g. Google AdSense.)
  • Buy a neglected site, make ‘cosmetic’ changes, flips it for a profit.

As you can see, the examples above seem “normal” but they can help limited-budgeted webpreneurs to play in the same field as the big guys with seemingly limitless budget.

What should I do?

From my short experience in webpreneurship, I must say that grey hat money making and business building techniques may be the safest route to take.

Safest? Yes – doing black hat is risky; doing white hat won’t get you far, hence posing as a risk to you.

I’m not pushing you to do illegal and unethical activities – I’m encouraging you to find loopholes – the grey area that is a “free land,” in which you can exploit for your and your web business benefit.

Indeed, doing gray hat techniques and tactics means you stand in the middle of the road between white hat and black hat; between ethical and unethical; between legal and illegal – and it’s probably safer for you to stay on either sides, but not on the middle.

However, the experts have done it; the gurus have done it; even Microsoft and Google have done it; why can’t you? The grey hat techniques allow you to accelerate your web asset building and money making efforts without spending millions of dollars in the form of investments.

The question is, are you brave and resilient enough to exploit the grey area?

Ivan Widjaya
Grey hat is the key for the rest of us
Image by amab7

Ivan Widjaya is a webpreneur and an owner of a site network. He actively runs, a small business tips blog, and, a cloud business blog .

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