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Why Webpreneurs must Use Online Backup Services

online backupI hate backing up my content – running and managing multiple websites and other web properties mean tons of images, designs and documents in my laptop’s hard disk, and backing them up is a real hassle.

But backing up your data is important, if not a must. The thing is, it takes ages to figure it out which to go where.

I used to backup my content on CDs and DVDs. But with growing size of the files, I can’t handle any more physical storage. I need to figure other ways.

Online backup services are already present for quite some time, yet I didn’t trust them. I perceive that my accounts with online backup services pose a risk of getting hacked.

However, this is an unfair judgment. Online backup services today are literally gridlocked. Unless your Internet access is ‘eavesdropped,’ moving from and to an online backup service is as secure as it can be.

Firstly, why you should use online backup services? The answer is convenience and security.

Convenience – you don’t have to keep hundreds of DVDs to backup your important content.

Security – you don’t need to worry where to ‘hide’ the physical storage containing sensitive and ‘trade-secret’ content.

Now, the next problem is, when to do which, and where? With plenty of options nowadays, it’s difficult for me and, probably, you to choose which services to signup with.

There is a guide, though, that I would like to recommend you: The Backup Informer.

The Backup Informer is developed by Rob Granholm – a tech-savvy entrepreneur. It is essentially a guide that can help you decide what to do with your content, consider which services to choose, and setup for the corresponding accounts – all presented in an easy to follow diagrams, even for a non-techie webpreneur.

The guide has helped me to consider my options and help me to get out from my “comfort zone” and start backing up my content on regular basis, following the guides found in The Backup Informer.

Check out The Backup Informer to see whether it can help you backing up your content in any ways.

Ivan Widjaya
Online backup services

Ivan Widjaya is a webpreneur and an owner of a site network. He actively runs, a small business tips blog, and, a cloud business blog .

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  1. Alex says:


    I work for a company called . We offer unlimited online backup and storage. Our services has some of the best features such as streaming music and video to your iPhone or iPad straight from your Livedrive account. There is also a 2 week free trial so you have nothing to lose!

    Livedrive Team

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