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Why We Should Stop Google Panda Update Madness

google panda 2.2Google Panda 1… Google Panda 2… Google Panda 2.2… What the…?

It seems that people are being dramatic, exaggerating what Google is actually doing on regular basis – updating its algorithms (of course, doing blog posts about each and every Google Panda update version will help push the traffic…)

Of course, the hype (and paranoia) of Google Panda update is apparent: Big sites are getting slapped by Google in the face: and is two of the hardest hit by the recent Google Panda algorithms. Especially for, the so-called Google Panda 2.2 has slammed eHow… again.

Focusing on low quality and/or scraped content, Google Panda 2 is actually good for some other sites. You can learn more about Google Panda update from the official Google Webmaster Central blog

My sites with unique, quality content are generally benefiting from Google Panda updates, while the others – i.e. my autoblogs – are generally drowning in search engine rankings.

So – how to avoid getting slapped by Google Panda update?

To avoid the slap and ride the wave, it’s actually simple; Rob Young of Search Engine Journal offers these tips:

  1. Ensure your sites have quality content.
  2. Take off low-quality content (press releases, scraped articles, rewritten articles, dupe articles, etc.) from your site.
  3. Pay attention to pages that have low visitor performance (low visitor counts, low time on site, high bounce rate…)
  4. Hope for Google’s mercy in future algorithm updates.

The last one is a bit sarcastic but that’s the whole truth, I think. When we count on Google to deliver traffic to our sites, then we tie our sites’ fate to Google.

Stop the Google Panda anxiety!

So, here’s my opinion on Google Panda update crazes: Stop being paranoid and assuming what Google wants!

Google ranking algorithm is complex, and I don’t think we can really sure what we are doing is right until we see the result. eHow has been doing its best to avoid getting penalized by Google, but it seems that eHow needs to “guess” harder what Google want.

Back to the root

Actually, what you and I need to do is to do the common sense – as recommended by Mat Cutts, THE Google engineer, a long time ago, way before the Google algorithm update gets the name Google Panda or Google Farmer update:

Try to add value to people who visit your sites; create unique, quality content that will attract other sites to link to your content. Quality content means article or blog post that add value: Offering tips, solving problems, voicing strong opinions, debunking commonly believed myths, etc.

So, yes – rewritten articles, despite being unique, don’t add value to the web… so expect the smarter Google bots to detect the likeness in the near future.

Just pour your heart content, share people your experience and thought, and add value to the community. And, fingers crossed, just hope Google notice your effort.

Focus on other sources of traffic: You might want to consider traffic from directories, video sites, forums, etc. Without Google, it’s not the end of the world, you know!

Ivan Widjaya is a webpreneur and an owner of a site network. He actively runs, a small business tips blog, and, a cloud business blog .

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