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Why the So-called SEO Companies should Stop Spamming Website Owners

email spamsI run nearly a hundred of sites and on daily basis I get email offers from the so-called SEO companies, pitching their service to get my business. Their common promise: We will get your site to rank first on search engine result page for your main keywords, cheap.

“We checked your site and yours don’t rank on the first page of search engines for your main keywords… we can help you to rank first in the SERP…”

BS. That’s why not many trust SEO companies anymore – the spammers (and scammers) are giving SEO companies a bad name.

Anyway, I get dozens of emails coming in from my dozens of site contact forms, with the same offerings but different senders – something, fishy, right?

Here are some reasons why you SHOULD NOT reply back to those kind of emails:

1. Who are you anyway?

The emails are unsolicited – they are SPAMs! How come a good SEO company send unsolicited emails? Most likely – they don’t. Only the small players are using unsolicited emails to get your business (and money,) with unknown track records. What worse, they can very well be scammers – beware.

2. “Rank first on SERP, guaranteed” – how and for how long??

Nobody can guarantee you anything when it comes to search engine ranking. Some SEO specialists can indeed bring your site to rank first in your main keywords. The real question is, for how long? Search engine ranking changes (almost) in real time – unless you stick with your SEO specialist to do whatever it takes (at whatever costs) to have your site well-monitored to make it ranked first in your keywords all the time, your could lose your first rank status anytime.

3. “We are the most affordable”

Affordable is good, but what about reputation? The question should be asked to the spammer is: Are you for real? Will you really help me rank first? Won’t you just take my money and run away? Will you collect my data and sell them to a third party?

Here’s a friendly advice for you: If you need an SEO specialist to help you out in getting your site ranked well, if not first in your main keywords, be sure to hire one with a shining track record – testimonials, reviews, and such can help you screen out spammers and scammers.

Remember – being cheap and affordable in SEO is risky; you would want to hire cost-effective SEO service provider that delivers, not a cheap one!

Ivan Widjaya
No spam. Please.

Ivan Widjaya is a webpreneur and an owner of a site network. He actively runs, a small business tips blog, and, a cloud business blog .

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