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Why Paid Web Hosting is the One Way to Go for Serious Blogger

web hosting for blogOk lets face the thing, you cannot expect professional service when you are paying a peanuts for that. Same hold true with free web hosting. Free web hosting services are doing a great job and they are offering support to those site owners whose economic condition do not offer them to for paid hosting. But there are stark downside of free hosting and which is why I am writing this post to make everyone aware of the negative consequences of choosing a free web hosting service for their websites.

Online Visibility: When you are opting for free web hosting for your website, you can be sure of one that you are going to share same IP address with loads of other sites and majority of them might not be as serious about their online visibility as you. Sometimes, it can happen that you are sharing the same IP with poker, adult or other sites that are doing sneak things or just trying to manipulate ranking. So, it is definitely not a good idea to share the same IP with such sites who are acting against the policy of Google.

Page of your website is directly related to your web hosting service provider. Since you are not even paying a penny for getting your website hosted, you cannot expect that they will let you make some changes in the .htaccess file to speed up loading time. Since search engines are giving more preferences to sites that load fast, you website will be lagging behind others and there is nothing you can do about it.

Since web hosting company is not charging you a penny, they must do something to monetize and this is where the problem creeps in. Sometimes, they will add ads at the footer of the websites or just at the top of the website and if this is not the end, sometimes they will just pop up ads in your website. As you know pop up is the biggest trouble marker and it can make the most consistent readers of your blog aversive toward it. So, time to take care of this issue and if this is not just the end of the problem, Google is hunting down ads heavy sites. So be careful before choosing a free web hosting thing next time.

Poor or No technical Support: As most free we hosting service provider thing that they are  doing a charity or of that sort by offering free hosting for all, they care less when it comes to solving problem resulting from some complex technical issues. So, if you website goes down for some strange technical thing, it may take hours or even days and weeks to get the entire thing sorted out and restored.

Bandwidth Limit and Down Time: Small bandwidth limit is the hallmark quality of every free web hosting service providing company and therefore, if your website has the ability drive a large number of visitors, you need to think twice before opting for a free web hosting. Moreover, your website may face occasional outrage and this could lead to  major loss of online identity and if Google finds your website forever down, it may reduce importance of your website and strip it of its ranking.

I hope you will definitely not like to see this thing right? If yes,  go for a paid web hosting and believe me you will not be burning a hole in your pocket since there are discount coupon available on some premium web hosting service providers that you can give a try easily.

About the Author: James Smiths is one of the writers in VeryBestSoftware Reviews and Coupons and a specialist on webhosting issues and discount codes offered by hosting companies. He recently shared the Netfirms Coupons the WestHost Coupons.

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