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Why I still Believe in Web Directory Business

web directory business tipsI have just read an interesting knol from Google Knol, titled “Why Owning a Web Directory Sucks” written by Jay Granofsky. It’s pretty much my very own journey in building and running web directories. However, I end up not giving up, as I believe that web directories still rock!

To start off, I would like to sum that building a web directory business is tiring and requires a lot of perseverance.

Setting up a web directory is easy; what’s difficult is on developing it in such a way that it is appealing to advertisers and website owners. You also need to promote your web directory, as “just build it and they will come” won’t work with directory business.

You see, it’s easy to lose heart and lose sight when developing your web directory business. 6 months without proper income from your hard work will make you question your web directory business building endeavors.

And before you know it, you give up and start ranting, whining and nagging that web directories are dead.

The truth is, it’s far from dead.

The state of web directory business

True, web directories’ role has somewhat reduced in search engines. What’s more, with the many low quality web directories out there, web directory business has somewhat a bad rep – “thanks” to the link farms disguised as web directories and “thanks” to the irresponsible web directory owners who build dozens of low quality directories that do nothing more than polluting the web.

Directory business’ barrier to entry is low – someone with limited knowledge on how to run a web directory properly can easily setup a directory – thanks to the all availability of push-button installation process of the directory scripts available today.

Due to that, directories come and go on regular basis. Some web directories do thrive through the ups and downs; however, most don’t.

Many sold off their directories; many leave their directories slowly die in their web servers; only a few survives.

Why I still establish and invest in web directories

Despite all the naysayers, web directory business is alive and well.

One of my clients-slash-pals is the owner of one of the authority directories today. He said that from his most popular directory (a paid directory,) he makes more than $3,000 a month. If all listings were regular listings at $20 each, that means there are 150 approved paid submissions every month or 5 paid listing every day!

I also run a directory news blog – on daily basis, I get news and updates from sites and forums, basically telling me that directory business is far from a dying business.

Instead, web directories are experiencing natural selections, leaving us with the quality ones. The appeal? One way backlink from quality, relevant directories still counts.

To prove my passion for web directories, I run a PageRank 6 general web directory that is manually moderated under strict submission guidelines.

MIACMS Web Directory is a PR6 web directory currently offering free listing until the end of September 2011. You might want to check out the directory to benefit the limited time only offer.

Ivan Widjaya is a webpreneur and an owner of a site network. He actively runs, a small business tips blog, and, a cloud business blog .

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