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Why I Invest in Blogs more than the other Types of Web Business

blog ownershipEvery webpreneur has his/her own preference of web businesses. As of for me, I prefer blogs over the rest – I have my own reasons. Read on.

Before we go on, let’s explore deeper on the type of web businesses webpreneurs are usually investing in.

Types of web business

1. Lead-based websites

Some webpreneurs prefer websites that can give them income from leads. Financial sites, such as credit card sites, debt sites, etc. are exist to give information about credit cards, loans, debts, etc. and suggest visitors the best solution, usually by getting them to fill in some details in a web form. The information then delivered to the financial institution they are affiliated with. There are other niches following the same pattern.

2. Product/service-based websites

Web design sites, SEO/link building service sites, e-commerce sites – all fall in this category. Those sites sell services/products to make the owners money.

3. Recurring income websites

Some other webpreneurs prefer websites that can give them recurring income. Membership sites, WordPress theme sites, web hosting services, etc. are web businesses making money from subscriptions.

4. Potential, cutting-edge websites

Some webpreneurs prefer to invest in potential, rather than income. was sold at $250,000 with no income – the buyer pays a premium for the potential, not for the income or profits.

5. Resources and information websites

Another group of webpreneurs prefer websites that can give visitors quality resources and information. Directories, blogs, search engines, news sites, etc. – any that give visitors information, tips, news, or trends – all aim to help visitors to find what they are looking for. The owners make money from advertising, listing fees, etc.

90% of my money and time is invested on resources and information websites – why?

I invest most of my resources on #5 above – I own blogs, web directories, and search engines. But above all, I love blogs above anything else.

Here are my reasons why I insist on investing blogs:

1. Search engines love blogs

Quality blogs with quality blog posts will bring value to the web; it’s only natural for search engines to continuously improve web surfers’ experience so they can find what they are really looking for. Indexing quality blog posts is one of the ways search engines can offer web surfers useful resources.

2. (Many) people love blogs

Many people enjoy reading blog posts, instead of the conventional article simply because blog posts are highly opinionated.

People like what you think about an issue and react on your opinions, either agreeing or disagreeing with you; and regardless whether they love your blog posts or hate yours, they will somehow link to your blog posts – this is link baiting in action!

3. Advertisers love blogs

Blogs are generally continuously updated; meaning, when an advertiser buys an ad spot on your blog, he/she (should) understands that blogs will be updated regularly – bringing in traffic, impressions and click-throughs… as well as better exposure along the way from the search engines; the more blog posts indexed the better.

So, despite blogs are generally more difficult to monetize than the other type of websites, there are plenty of demands on quality blogs, as they are not only bringing in revenues, but also perfect for business/personal branding purposes.

How about you? What kind of websites are you investing in?

Ivan Widjaya is a webpreneur and an owner of a site network. He actively runs, a small business tips blog, and, a cloud business blog .

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  1. Ivan- good post need to mention believe you have a oops on price retweet was reported to have been sold at… regards Scott

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