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Why Health is Every Blogger’s Greatest Asset and How to Protect It

health tips for bloggerWhile you undeniably need plenty of traffic to your blog to be able to get more profitable, there is another oft-neglected key to greater online wealth: your health. That’s right, there is nothing more central to a blogger’s ability to write and generate that vital content than their physical and mental wellbeing, and this is why your health is your main asset.

Why Are Bloggers Prone To Being Overweight?

Sadly, most bloggers think that the only way to make more money online is to remain glued to their computer screens, getting up only to go to bed. As a result most of them are overweight and prone to the health risks thereof. Others will admit that they have trouble motivating themselves for work and suffer from a gloomy outlook. If this bleak scenario describes you, here are some steps you can take to get back to your best.

How to Get Back to Your Best of Health and…Blogging

1. Physical fitness

Getting into shape is not simply a matter of becoming a member at your local gym, it’s about getting active. Here are some ways you can re-energize your body even if your schedule does not allow you time to do gym sessions:

  • The aim is to get your circulation going and work up a little sweat, not become the next Arnold Schwarzenegger, so do the little that you can. Some great exercises that will fit easily into most bloggers’ lifestyles include using the stairs to your apartment or to get to your office, or better still, getting off the bus a few blocks to your destination and walking the rest of the way. You can psyche yourself up by getting a pedometer to measure how many calories you’ve burnt for the distance you’ve walked.
  • Get somebody to exercise with you. It’s a lot more fun and your partner can help you stretch your limits. Women can get hubby to jog with them every morning for a start.
  • The importance of aerobic activity to the body cannot be overemphasized. Every so often it is crucial to the functioning of your internal organs that you engage in an exerting activity that makes you break a sweat and your heart pump faster. Sports such as swimming, basketball or aerobics are excellent for this purpose. Plus you get to burn a lot of body fat quickly.

2. Positive attitude

It’s all in the mind. The reason most bloggers quickly give up on their weight loss regimes and return to their comfort zones is that they don’t go into their sessions with the right attitude. The monotony and rigor of the routines simply kill their motivation. So how do you maintain the positive attituderequired to remain consistent? Easy, do something you like. Did you know that even dancing is exercise? Taking a break from your desk to shoot some hoops with your kids in the backyard also counts as exercise. You will be amazed at how such seemingly trivial activities, done regularly, can reduce your body fat and freshen up your mind, improving your capacity to generate great material for your blog.

3. Lifestyle switch

Putting in the recommended 20-30 minutes of exercise daily combined with a gradual change from a sedentary to an active lifestyle is just what the doctor ordered to boost your productivity. Other than the exercise, alter your diet to include at least four servings of fruits and vegetables. There are a number of solutions to adopting a healthy diet:

  • Order nutritional meals. If you have the opportunity to try portion-controlled, ready-made meals from special food delivery companies, such as Bistro MD and Diet to Go, then this solution could save you time and guarantee nutritional meals to your door step.
  • Cook your own healthy food. If you like to cook your own food and if you happen to live in a country that is blessed with a lot of sunshine and fresh produce of fruits and vegetables then try to make the most of it. It only takes a small break from your blogging work to prepare a lovely meal!

About the Author: Charles Mburugu writes regularly on general health tips for bloggers. At the moment, he is blogging for a blog promoting a Bistro md coupon and Diettogo promo codes. He also writes about social networking and internet marketing.

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