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Where to Outsource for Your Web Business?

outsourcing servicesIn webpreneurship – on in entrepreneurship in general – do it yourself is probably the most ineffective ways to allocate your resources.

Many might disagree with me, but let me ask you a question: Are you really willing to trade your time for money?

For me, time IS money, indeed. Time and money are precious resources you could have that can leverage your effort to build your web business. However, you can replenish money; you obviously can’t replenish time. Exchanging your time for money – e.g. working for a boss, building your own web business, etc. – is ineffective and inefficient, if not stupid.

Despite being unable to ‘extend’ your 24-hour-day, you can hire others to multiply your productivity exponentially, in exchange for a certain amount of money. This is why I’d rather trade money for time, not the other way around.

Hiring others? That’s right, but not full-time, even part-time employees – I recommend you outsourcing. And yes, I against full-time employee hiring – that’s just a waste of time and money; you need to prepare retirement plans, take care of taxes for your employees, etc. etc. – not nice.

Mark my words: Outsourcing is the key of all keys in building your online business empire successfully.

Managing one or two web assets yourself is easy, but doing so will place a certain cap to your ability to invest in more web assets. Your limit is 24 hours and if you urge yourself to work longer than that, you face a high risk of illness, even death – no kidding.

That being said, managing 100, 200 or 300 web assets are not possible without outsourcing and automation (read my previous article about outsourcing vs. automation.) Automation could help, but depends on what kind of web assets you are investing in, you surely need freelancers help to manage the rest: content creation, web creation, SEO and link building, marketing, and many other aspects.

Where to outsource?

You can try webmasters forums and marketplaces, such as DigitalPoint and SitePoint. However, if you are looking for freelancers with real track records to analyze, you need to try a more specialized marketplace.

One of the freelancers sites I recommend is

Why is probably the largest freelance marketplace on the web. With over 1,500,000 registered users today, the claim could be very well right.

How works: Simple and easy – you can post a job or project, and you will then receive bids from freelancers for you to choose. will help you arrange payment terms so that you can be sure that your money won’t be ‘stolen’ by ‘bad’ freelancers.

The biggest upside of is their very own escrow system allowing for project posters and bidders to have equal protections. also implements a rating and review system that allow you to analyze the credibility of employers and freelancers alike.

The only downside of is that you need some time to get used to the powerful system. This can be easily done by posting a free trial (but live) projects to see how to attract more targeted bidders or to get more project bidders.

If you are interested to try posting a job or project on today, you can in fact do so free of charge to test the response.

But I’m sure you’ll be happy with the response – you no longer need to screen for project bidders in darkness as has make things easier by providing you a system in which you can review bidders’ ratings and reviews.

I have joined with before its relaunch ( was,) and I must say I’m impressed by the wealth of opportunities as a freelancer and by the amount of response I receive as a project owner.

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Ivan Widjaya
Outsourcing is the key to success

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