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What’s The Future of Autoblogs?

the future of autoblogsAutoblogging is hot today – building a network and make money from Google AdSense, link sales and other monetization methods seems to be a viable strategy these days.

Indeed, some do make plenty of money building an autoblog network. However, many don’t. One of the main reasons is that autoblogs are using existing content to grow, and not many know how to “disguise” the autoblogs’ lower quality content by using certain scripts, layouts, and designs.

Nothing wrong with the content, really. The problem is, duplicate content is now an issue more than before. Some SEO experts suggest that duplicate content issues only arise when the duplicates reside in the same domain name – e.g. if you have the same page content in Page A, Page B, etc. within your DomainName-dot-com.

However, I believe that duplicate content issues are more than simply having duplicate content within your own site – using, for instance, article directories’ content in as your blog entries will drown your blogs into supplemental content issues. Supplemental content is the content that has plenty of duplicates in such a way that the search engines will decrease the value of the content to a level that it will only be a “supplemental” to the real, unique and quality content.

Of course, there’s a way – using a specific script to make the same content unique – some other just spin the content, but it’s barely readable and purposed mainly for the eyes of the search engines, not visitors.

The above issues will soon resulting in one issue: Low(er) quality blogs containing autoposted blog entries flying all over the blogosphere – 90% of them are simply junks.

What would a search engine do?

Now, if you own a search engine, what would you do about these low quality blogs containing duplicated content posted automatically? If I owned a search engine, I would let them do their thing, since there are plenty other web and blog sites offering better qualities on my index.

However, when I saw an ugly picture – search results dominated with autoblogs’ pages, I will start to run an update to my search engine ranking algorithm, reducing their significance, even eliminating them to a level that the search result pages display better quality content.

I’m sure Google, Yahoo! and the likes would do just the same – search engines basically want to deliver quality to web surfers by displaying relevant, quality results. When they discover that the search results’ quality is being reduced, they will do whatever it takes to improve their index quality. This means one thing: What seems working now, won’t work anymore eventually.

In autoblogs’ case, the exponential growth of autoblogs will – sooner or later – raise some red flags on search engines – they will, eventually, do what they could do best – reducing those autoblogs’ dominance in the search engine result pages.

We have seen this on FFA (free-for-all) sites, link farms, bidding directories (and web directories in general,) landing / doorway / squeeze pages, etc. If this could happen to them, why wouldn’t the same thing happen to autoblogs?

What to do now?

If you own autoblogs and insist that they can make – or are making – you profits, just carry on – my advice is that you need to know when the wind changes direction. Be sure to tap search engines’ change in ranking algorithms – subscribing to top search engine-related sites to give you instant updates on breaking news is one of the most effective ways to follow the search engine trends.

If you are currently own a network of autoblogs and are not making significant money from yours, I recommend you to sell off your network. I think the autoblogging business is almost reaching the saturation point – the tipping point. When it IS on the tipping point, it’s probably all too late.

I’ve seen some autoblog networks – one with 100s of blogs in his network – is exiting the business, claiming that they need money to pursue other projects, while the reality is that their autoblogs are not making enough amount of money anymore.

So, yes – one way to know when to exit your current web business is by observing what the big players are doing; are they growing their network or are they selling off a certain type of web assets? If the former, jump into the bandwagon; if the latter, sell, sell, sell!

Ivan Widjaya
Autoblogs are cool, but not a good investment anymore
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Ivan Widjaya is a webpreneur and an owner of a site network. He actively runs, a small business tips blog, and, a cloud business blog .

2 Responses to “What’s The Future of Autoblogs?”

  1. Vee says:

    So because you state that many autoblogging sites that are not of quality and duplicate stuff you have any suggestions of any autoblogging creation sites that provide quality wih layout and disguse the norm?…….ALSO if auto blogging is going down hill.. what can I tap into to generate some extra income for myself… thanks for any input you can provide

    • Vee,

      Thanks for your question. Autoblogging itself simply automate blog post entries creation and posting. Some autoblogging WP plugins can do better than the other, but all in all, they are pretty similar. Some autoblogging plugins, such as WP Robot, are more powerful than the rest – plenty of customization and stuff. But again, the plugin is only doing what’s been advertised: Automatic blog posting – that’s it.

      Now when it comes to “disguising” the autoblog, you can do so via WP themes and additional WP plugins. But all in all, you can’t fool search engines – eventually, you will get caught – maybe not penalized, but they will get your content down in ranking and will become supplemental because yours are duplicates.

      I do have some autoblogs. And some of them are making money – one of them even makes about $75 a month – full passive income.

      To “tap” into making money online, you need to build something that can drive plenty of targeted traffic to your site – those you can convert into money-making site vistors. Autoblogs can do this, but you need to promote them, especially to social sites.

      I hope this helps.

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