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What Online Strategies Can You Utilize to Promote Your Restaurant?

The internet has certainly made a lot of things obsolete. Things or methods that were pretty effective before are no longer used these days because the net offers so many techniques that are more efficient and more convenient to use than outdated procedures. It’s the same with marketing goods and services. In the past, businessmen typically advertised their products in newspapers, magazines, radio and television. Today, print media has taken a backseat as marketing via social media and the web has become more common.

Using the internet in publicizing your establishment has several advantages. For one, the web is fast and very accessible to everyone. Building a website is also fairly simple even if you do it on your own. Still, there are professionals who can do the work for you if you prefer. Once you’ve set up your site, it will be easier for you to update it to keep your loyal clients well-informed. If you’re thinking about what sort of marketing strategies you can do, here are some ideas to consider.

1. Promote Website

Having a website greatly helps in increasing your business’ online visibility. But this should not stop here. It is also important to consider if your website is also pretty accessible via other electronic gadgets, such as iPhones, iPads, mini laptops and other types of smartphones. The reason for this is that there are sites that are not compatible with mobile gadgets. This means that when a certain website is opened via a mobile phone, for instance, the user might not be able to view the site properly or some buttons or tabs might fail to work.

2. Upload Photos, Articles, and Menus

Keep customers interested and informed by uploading recent pictures and posting articles about your restaurant. Maybe your place was featured in a local paper or maybe your restaurant was the venue of a posh event. You can write about these things and have the articles on your site so that people will know what’s happening. The busier your place seems to be, the more interesting it will appear. Also, be sure to post your menu online. Include a short description of popular dishes and have a few images of the most tempting meals you often serve. This way, patrons will get an idea about your restaurant’s cuisine. Plus, you can also publicize new dishes or ongoing promotions.

3. Exploit Social Media

Your clients surely have Facebook or Twitter accounts. This means that they can easily post pictures of themselves as they dine in your restaurant. This is actually a wonderful way to become more well-known; and you won’t even have to pay them for endorsing your establishment. You can also encourage customers to “like” your site using their social media accounts. This will drive more traffic to your site.

4. Encourage Customers to Comment or Give Feedback

Whether comments are positive or negative, these can benefit your restaurant. How? Well, positive feedback will allow you to take pride in what you do right, while negative feedback will help you to realize your shortcomings. With a bit of constructive criticism from your customers, you can improve your dishes or your service.

About the Author: Claire Griffin is an experienced blogger. She often writes about the food and wine industry. She also provides material for Carrubba Restaurant Consulting, a company that helps entrepreneurs who want to open a restaurant.

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