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Website Monetization Tips: Not All Websites Created Equal

website monetizationIn monetizing your website, we often generalize when it comes to monetization methods. The truth is, every niche has its own different characteristic. I advise you to learn from your competitors and try to find out yourself the best monetization methods for your particular website.

Website monetization case study

Let’s kick off with two of my sites as examples – to make my point.

Let’s say both sites are blogs; Site A is a blog on web directory business. Site B is a blog on business technology. Both are in a similar niche (business), but entirely different sub-niches.

Site A is better-visited, getting about 300 visits a day. Site B is getting about 200 visits a day.

Site A is monetized by AdSense, promoting affiliate products, banner ad spots placement, and paid reviews. Site B is monetized by the same methods.

However, the results are very different. Site A was only making $50 a month when it was monetized using AdSense, banner ad placement and paid reviews. Site B was making $200 a month from AdSense and paid review.

Site B, despite the lower traffic, is on a niche with more pay per click with AdSense compared to Site A. What’s more, Site B click through rate is double to triple Site A’s – with similar AdSense ads placement.

I tweak things, and now Site B is making $120 a month – half driven by pushing the affiliate product sales via articles and banner ads on top of the fold, replacing AdSense ads implemented before – these achieved without getting more traffic.

What the above means?

The above leads to one conclusion: Not all websites are created equal.

Every website has its own characteristics, and depending on your plan for the website, monetization strategy will differ accordingly. Do not fall into a trap by believing that once you are successful in monetizing a website, then just repeat and rinse with your next websites – that’s why success is every entrepreneur’s biggest enemy. You should never learn from your own success.

One last tip: Always treat a new website as a different entity, that – despite being established using your own formula for starting a website – will yield you more by doing things differently. The key is tweaking, tweaking and tweaking.

Ivan Widjaya is a webpreneur and an owner of a site network. He actively runs, a small business tips blog, and, a cloud business blog .

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