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Webpreneurs: Why You should Adopt Cloud Computing?

cloud computing for businessAs a webpreneur, you enjoy what most don’t – the ability to live and work in any places you want and the ability to manage your web businesses anytime you want. And things are getting better; cloud computing technology advances allows you to have the ability to leverage your resources even better – even you should also start a cloud business yourself!

Cloud computing? Cloud business? What the heck?

Cloud computing is essentially referring to the delivery of computing capabilities as a service, not a product, which resources can be utilized on-demand basis and can be scaled up and down according to your need.

So, cloud computing doesn’t require you to install any software on your computer. It’s delivered as web applications (hence the name, cloud applications) that are connected to the cloud. What’s more cloud-based services are typically offered to customers on-demand basis – meaning, you only need to pay what you use.

So, if you need the cloud service to power you 100-employee business, the cloud will allocate resources to accommodate that; if you only use the cloud services to help you run your one-person company, the cloud will automatically allocate resources accordingly. True cloud computing solutions allow you to scale up and down – back and forth – automatically, in real-time. No service interruption whatsoever.

Cloud services are provided by cloud business – or business offering cloud-based services – that will help your business to plug in to the cloud without the need for you to understand the complexity of the technologies running the cloud. To give you an idea or two about cloud business, read this cloud business reviews.

So – why you need to use cloud computing solutions?

It’s simple: With cloud apps and services widely available today, you can do your online business activities anytime, anywhere, even without bringing your laptop or tablet PC with you. All you need to do is sign in to the cloud applications you use, and you can access all of your projects and important data – all served from the cloud; no locally stored files!

Cloud storage/backup solutions – DropBox,, Mozy, Yahoo! mail, Gmail, etc. – can allow you to store your data in the cloud, either as working data or as backup. You can synchronize your computer with the cloud, so you will always have copies of your data in the cloud.

Cloud business apps – Google Apps, Smartsheet, etc. – can help you run your business from the cloud; collaboration, sharing information, setting up schedule, manage employees, manage projects, etc. – all can be done using the right cloud apps.

For a web developer, cloud development platforms – Heroku, OpenStack, etc. – can help you build and launch your web applications quickly using the resources delivered from the cloud.

Need for your business website to run better, faster and more securely? Cloud apps like CloudFlare and such can help your website to load faster and better secured against threats from hackers and virus.

Cloud-based services can help you to be more productive while cutting your budget for investing on software and IT infrastructure. Thousands of dollars can be saved just by plugging your business into the cloud. It’s that simple – literally.

In fact, you can’t live without the cloud; each time you use a device, you are in the cloud. Accessing mobile content, watching video on YouTube, working on your web business… you are in the cloud.

So, why not improve your productivity and cut your budget for business software and tools by adopting the cloud?

Ivan Widjaya is a webpreneur and an owner of a site network. He actively runs, a small business tips blog, and, a cloud business blog .

2 Responses to “Webpreneurs: Why You should Adopt Cloud Computing?”

  1. Amazon Cloud Drive is just a front end for Amazon S3. I’ve been using S3 for a long time. It’s true that S3 doesn’t understand folders, but it’s easy to simulate them and preserve the organization of your data. I use s3sync to do it. No dealbreaker.

  2. Cruz Overmyer says:

    The growing field of cloud computing could definitely generate major new projects in the future. However, hosting organizations should prove that cloud computing is not just a marketing concept; it is a true technological innovation.

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