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Want a Google+ Invitation? Only 150 Google+ Invites Available!

google plus invitationWhat was unlimited now has a limit: Google+ is now only allowing Google+ account owner to invite up to 150 people! I have invited hundreds of people – and now I only have 150 invites left. So, who want a Google+ invite with no catch?

First thing first: What is Google+ and why it’s great for webpreneurs

Google+ or Google Plus is considered as Facebook killer… but to me, Google+ is also a Twitter killer. Google+ allows you to share anything to anyone or to the “circles” of your choice.

“Circles” are one of the main features of Google+ – it’s actually a categorization for your contacts in such a way that some updates you make in Google+ will only visible to the selected circles.

Google+ integrates Google +1 button inside – so you can +1 any Google+ users’ shares. It’s pretty much similar to Facebook “like” but on steroid: content that gets +1’s will enhance its position in Google search result pages.

You can of course comment on the posts and even share it to your circles.

So – webpreneurs can of course share what they think, their latest venture, even pitch for ideas from your circles. It’s fantastic so far – Google+ is so engaging and thus makes it a great way to attract fans, friends and customers.

Let’s just hope Google+ won’t become a place full of marketing messages from Internet Marketers… So far, Google+ shows no remorse to the unknowns – recently, Google suspend G+ accounts that don’t use real names. Talk about being harsh… but it’s all for the better, I suppose…

Try Google+ now: Get a Google+ invitation

So, here’s a chance for you to try Google+. A couple of days ago Google+ sets a limit to the number of people you can invite to try Google+ beta. Each Google+ user now assigned a unique URL to let you try Google+ via a self-serving link.

If you want to try Google+, here’s the new Google+ invitation link – enjoy!

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