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Unique Online Business for Sale:

website for sale - friedeggs.comDespite the funny domain name, this site has serious potential. It is one of those I tagged as “THE web asset.” combines the best of blogs, Twitter and Facebook in one microblogging platform – truly PR companies’ dream come true, an outstanding opportunity worth looking into.

Check out this listing on – Redefining 140 Characters.

The site owner, who allegedly owns – THE blog directory, has every reason to title the auction with such intriguing title. Read on.

The premises tries to combine the power of blogs, Twitter and Facebook by eliminating the weaknesses of each.

What is trying to answer is these limitations:

Both Twitter and Blogs are great though they have their limitations. Blogs require a ton of effort to maintain. Twitter’s 140 character limit is brilliant, yet lacks depth, when someone wants to read or write more. Facebook’s commenting system is beautiful, as it stays with the original post.

So what is doing is this: takes the best of the 3 and puts them together in an easy to use platform. As one user said, “2 years or whatever into Twitter, the character limit still chafes. Friedeggs has none – allows embedded videos and pictures – and thread like replies like Facebook. The best of both social media worlds.”

Very intriguing, indeed.

What can do

Testing the site, I get a feel that this unique concept of microblogging will be a comfortable home for social media users who are looking for a new way to share their thoughts (and do some Internet marketing.) screenshot

So, what’s exactly can do? Here’s more explanation from the listing:

FriedEggs, lets users write 140 characters or less. Users have complete control over the “news” they receive. Users who share what’s breaking, are able to Expand their post, if they want, and embed a video, write a longer post and tag it. Followers, see the title and image. Making it ideal for mobile and people who can’t keep up with the constant flow of news. It was originally conceived to address the needs of the hyperlocal space. It still can and may.

Some other killer features of

1. Automatically push your updates to social media sites

Posts will be automatically pushed to your Twitter and Facebook account (of course, you need to provide your account details on If you link your LinkedIn with Facebook, you can also push your updates to your LinkedIn profile. You can add more sites to push your posts to.

2. It comes with its own URL shortener –

Related to #1 above, your pushed posts on Twitter or FB will have a link back to your original posts on with the URL shortener

Should you buy it?

Pricing: unknown – the sky is the limit!
Revenue: N/A is what I consider as one of those site built to be sold because of its potential – read my article about this kind of web asset.

It is offering free services, but the owner indicates that can embrace the concept of freemium – free to use, with premium services offered for a fee. The owner suggested:

There are paths to monetization, including a basecamp model, for in house “group flow, knowledge share” as well as providing it to publishers as a discussion forum on their sites; the content could all then flow up to (or not).

If you are interested in having a look-see, here’s the Flippa auction link:

Ivan Widjaya
3-in-1 microblogging platform

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