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Understanding ‘Mobile SEO’

More and more people today are using smartphones to access the Internet as oppose to a desktop or laptop computer. This evolution that has occurred in our culture has affected SEO in a new way that could be costly to your website if you are not keeping up with this trend. So what is different about this type of SEO and how does it affect the way in which mobile visitors view your website?

Responsive Template

The number one way in which this could negatively impact your site is if when people visit your site on their mobile device, if it is not a mobile ready site then most will want to leave the page. To keep this from happening you need to get a responsive template for your site. What this does is it resizes your page accordingly to the device that it is being viewed on.


The importance of the URL cannot be stressed enough because the fact is, is that you only need the one to work. This helps immensely with your link building. Just remember that when it comes to links, just like content, quality is more important quantity.

Optimizing Links and Content for Mobile SEO

As far as content, links and keywords go, they are still very important in the context of mobile SEO. The way in which you optimize such things to make sure keyword tails and descriptions just need to be about 25% smaller, simply because viewers are looking at all this stuff on a smaller screen. Just think about what would be practical for viewing your site on a small screen. Make sure it looks good but still has quality content and links that are relevant to your site.

Redirect Tip

To avoid getting penalized by Google, watch out for faulty redirects. An example of this would be if you were to have a redirect from an internal page to your mobile home page. You should make sure that they are directly linked.

Those are the key areas of concern that you should optimize for the sake of your mobile visitors. You want everyone that visits your site to have a pleasant experience so that they will stay on your site, look around and come back again. You should always assume that your competitors are staying on the ball with their SEO, so if you’re not changing and they are, then that can turn potential clients or customers to the “other guys”. Remember not to ignore the rest of your SEO as you need to always stay up to date with algorithm changes and things of that nature.

Mobile SEO is here and now and will be for a long time to come. Optimizing your site for mobile SEO won’t be an option for long and sites are already being penalized for not being mobile ready, so jump on the wagon now before your site becomes irrelevant in Google’s eyes. Once your site is penalized it could potentially cost you a lot of time and money to get back to where you were.

About the Author: Henry Hernandez lives in a ranch in Texas with his 2 dogs. Henry is the Owner and CEO of his own SEO company based in Dallas, TX. Henry can be found on Google+.

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