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Trigger Email: How It Can Help Your eBusiness

trigger email

If you’re trying to generate a loyal customer base in ecommerce there are several different tools that you can use to help nurture relationships and increase repeat traffic and sales to your site. One very handy, but underutilized, method is Trigger Email.

What Is Trigger Email?

The idea behind trigger email was best defined by Bronto Software’s Sally Lowery, who called it, a response “generated based on a meaningful change or event in a customer behavior or profile.”

Put into simpler terms, customers receive trigger emails in response to actions that they take on your website. This can be as simple as a “Welcome” message upon registration or as complex as a “Time to Reorder” reminder based on past purchases.

Why Trigger Email Increases Customer Loyalty

The main reasoning behind launching a trigger email campaign for your eBusiness is that by doing so you create loyalty among your customer base by seeming to respond to their needs in real time.

Basically, in the internet world any one can purchase something from you at any time. Unlike the store-based transaction that allows you to communicate with a customer beyond the sale, ecommerce lacks this personalization. Therefore, but setting up an automated system to simulate that personal response, you create loyalty among customers who view you as caring about them as individuals.

Types of Trigger Emails

There are three main classifications of trigger emails agreed upon by online marketers. They are transactional, threshold and recurring emails. Each serves a specific purpose for your business.

The transactional trigger email is one that sends a receipt after a purchase or offers additional savings for back-to-back orders.

The recurring trigger emails are those based upon customer profiles. This can mean sending birthday messages and deals or those same product reorder prompts I mentioned earlier.

Finally, threshold trigger emails are generally sent as a warning or congratulations. They include a declined credit card or notice that a customer has reached a certain VIP or platinum status.

Choosing the Trigger Email Campaign Right for You

The final decision here revolves around what sorts of trigger email campaigns you and your business would benefit from the most. There are many examples within this article as well as through the email servers that offer trigger applications, including Blue Hornet, Bronto and StrongMail.

What is most important is that in terms of return on investment, trigger email campaigns are among your top choices since they cost so little to operate. Trigger email is definitely worth looking into as a means to expand your online business and broaden your customer loyalty.

The main importance of Triggered Email is to boost the users experience as well as develop a better customer relationship. Search people and get started with Trigger Email Marketing and check the difference between traditional automated emails. It will definitely have a positive impact not just to your business but your customers as well.

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