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Top Things To Learn Before Launching A Website

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Launching a website is something that anyone can do, and the wonder of the internet is how it has truly democratised business and created wonderful opportunities for entrepreneurs that simply weren’t there before.

While anyone can launch a website though, if you want it to actually be a hit then it certainly does pay to spend some time researching how to make the most of it and learning skills that will come in handy in helping it to excel. And while ‘learning on the job’ is certainly an option, having a good idea beforehand will better help you to be able to come up with a great plan and start putting it into action as early as possible. Here we will look at some things you should at least look into before beginning this brave new venture.


Understanding how hosting works and what your different options are is useful before you find your provider. Of course you can always switch down the line, but it’s obviously better off to start with a hosting account that will be secure, good value and highly reliable.


Next you’ll probably want to come up with a design for your site, and to that end it’s worth leaning a bit about design. This means exploring what looks good and what doesn’t, as well as how the layout of a web page might influence buying behaviour when visitors get there; but it also means looking into how to create and edit images using Photoshop and good photography skills.


Creating a site design is one thing, but actually getting it to work is another matter entirely and requires at least a basic understanding of HTML and CSS. Even if you are going to outsource your web design or accomplish your vision using WordPress, understanding how the nuts and bolts work will help you to edit your pages in future and avoid/fix any issues.

Then there are the option extras like PHP and JavaScript. If you want your site to have interactive elements such as comments or such as calculators/games that you code, then you will need to learn these languages. Much of this can be taken from open source sites, but if you learn the languages yourself you’ll have a lot more options available to you and you can accomplish some rather impressive things as a result.


What will most of your visitors be coming to your website for? Your content of course! Most people go to websites so that they can read news and articles, and of course they’re only going to do that if your content is well written. Writing ability isn’t something you’re either born with or not – it can be learned and this is a great way to improve your offering.


SEO is search engine optimization and it’s still the best way to get people to your site. Again you can rely on outsourced services for this, but if you understand the principles yourself then you’ll probably have more lucky getting to the top quickly and you’ll be better able to consider the on-page elements when coming up with your web design/writing your content.

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