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The Role of Social Media and Buzz in Webpreneurship: Beyond Content, SEO and Link Building

­­social media buzzHere is a statement that I believe everyone would agree: SEO and link building is tiresome; not mentioning boring and often resource intensive. A newsflash – embracing social media in your webpreneurial journey can get you far, cut through the crap (pardon my language) to achieve what’s important beyond SEO and link building: Owning legitimate sites that are valuable and profitable.

If you own multiple web assets like me, you’ll soon meet your new ‘friend': emotional and physical burn-out, typically within 2 or 3 years of your career as a webpreneur.

Trying to do many things too much will burn you out

Managing dozens, if not hundreds or thousands of websites is truly a hassle, even if you have staffs working for you. At a certain stage within your webpreneurial career, you will feel that you are burnt out. You feel tired and often clueless, wondering whether what you are doing right now is, well, right (and profitable.)

You often jealous and envy the so-called Expert or Guru raking in tens of thousand of dollars a month launching ebooks on ClickBank and having a horde of affiliates promoting the ebooks for them; you start to wonder whether being a webpreneur is all that you want to be. You feel that you are struggling real hard, working 18 or 20 hours a day, often with some sleepless nights, and what do you get? $1,000 a month? You could consider yourself lucky getting that amount of money these days, considering what you are doing is actually INEFFECTIVE, even WRONG.

Then, like everybody else, you start to “clear out your web servers” – whatever that means. I did just that and I think the words just mean “giving up on many of my non-performing sites because I just don’t have the resources to manage and grow them all.” Then, surprisingly, some webpreneurs would just repeat and rinse, doing the same mistake over and over again, thinking they are being resilient, but the truth is, they are being… ignorant?


Yes. Here’s an early recommendation for you: When you feel tired and burnt out, and have decided to clear your web servers and do all that, it’s probably the right time to sit down, relax, and start to do analytical and creative thinking BEFORE starting all over again. Well, from my burnt out period, I have learned a couple of things I am more than happy to share them with you – free of charge :) Read on.

Beyond Content, SEO and link building

Now, read these words carefully. Many will tell you that content is king. Many others will tell you that SEO/link building is king. Many will also tell you that traffic is king. Well, all of them are kings, all right – but you see, you must view them as a whole package.

When building web assets, you are basically doing 2 inseparable things: Create content (or products or services) and SEO/link building. Doing one thing and neglect the other won’t get your web assets to go far. Writing killer content on regular basis without proper SEO/link building won’t get you far. SEOing and link building your sites without proper content also won’t get you far. Doing both can definitely be done, but would be tiresome if you have 100+ sites to manage under your belt.

From my experience, I discover a leveraging tool missing from the content vs. SEO/link building equation: The social media.

Funny, I AM familiar with social media – many webpreneurs do. The thing is, most of the time I socialize for fun and such – again, many webpreneurs do this to. Maybe it is time to start to think like a real business owner when approaching social media? Indeed. Well, it’s about time to embrace social media to grow your web business.

What social media can do for your web business: Buzz

Social media consists of communities of evangelists who are more than willing to buzz your web assets for you. And if you are not aware the power of buzz or word of mouth, read this well: BUZZ is the most cost-effective method of content creation, SEO and link building process. Why? How?

Behold – the power of buzz:

  • Getting your content “Liked” on Facebook by your readers will only bring more readers to your site, get other bloggers to link to your useful content.
  • Getting your article’s link retweeted by your Twitter account followers will make your article “the talk of the hour” – more traffic and back links to your site.
  • How about getting your article published on Digg’s front page? Well, this happens to one of my site once, and it got my web hosting account suspended my site for ‘excessive CPU usage.’
  • How about creating a blog post that is so controversial, interesting and/or useful enough to get your site visitors to comment on your article? Readers comment are streams of unique content that updates your article automatically. Nice.
  • How about writing an effective, laser-targeted thread or post, in such a way that your earning-per-visitor is sky-high? I’ve seen sites with so-so traffic raking thousands of dollars on regular basis. Conversion is the keyword.
  • …and so much more!

In short, buzz will get your content, products and/or services go viral.

When the above happens, you can stop your reliance to expensive CPC advertising and resource-sucking SEO/link building activities for a while. Just procrastinate for a while, admire all the free exposure your site receive, and start thinking on how to ‘formalize’ those things into a system that can be carbon-copied to ALL of your web assets AUTOMATICALLY. A dream comes true.

Ivan Widjaya
Just embracing the power of buzz in social media

Ivan Widjaya is a webpreneur and an owner of a site network. He actively runs, a small business tips blog, and, a cloud business blog .

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  1. Nice post, that’s what I’m writing : Blogs can be a great marketing tool.

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