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Short URL is Spammy, Affiliate URL is Long and Ugly: Pretty Link Comes to The Rescue

url shortenerHow to shorten your long affiliate links properly?

If you are into affiliate marketing, especially on-site affiliate marketing, you should highly consider using link shortener. What kind of link shortener should I use? If you use WordPress, Pretty Link can offer you more than just a shorter URL.

According to Symantec, short URL spam reaches historical peak, as reported by WebProNews: Spam messages containing shortened links peak at 18% or 23.4 billion spam emails on April 30, 2010 – almost doubling 2009’s peak level of 9.3%.

Despite shortened links are proved to be effective in the eyes of visitors and search engine (Google even slaps some sites that contain affiliate long URLs!) the use of and for spammy purpose is one reason why we should leave such links.

While keeping the affiliate sites’ long and ugly URLs is not effective today, we need to find a way to shorten URLs WITHOUT using and the likes.

One of the most effective ways in doing this is by host your own shortnened URLs, e.g. This looks better than or even for one reason: Self-hosted shortened URLs help you in your website branding campaign.

Consider this: Instead of having link shorteners’ URL posted everywhere, imagine having your own domain name as the great-looking shortened link host to be found everywhere, instead.

Of all self-hosted link shortener I have tried, I particularly enjoy a free plugin for WordPress – another reason why you should consider using WordPress to build your website or blog empire.

Pretty Link – Shorten your long URLs and self-host them for free

Pretty Link looks just like another free WordPress plugin – just search Plugin directory for “Pretty Link” and you’ll find it among others.

However, once you install the plugin from your WordPress-powered site’s Admin Panel, you’ll want to keep the plugin on your site forever. Here’s why:

  • Main function: Shorten your long URL with your own domain name on the shortened link.
  • Tracks hits on the shortened URLs, along with a detailed report of where the hit came from (browser types, OS and hosts.)
  • Extended usages: Track clicks for emails, your site’s pages, Twitter/forums/blog comments-friendly.

…and guess what, again, all of the above is offered by the FREE WordPress Plugin.

If the above is not enough, you should consider the premium version of Pretty Link Pro. For only $37, you can enjoy these additional, powerful perks, forever:

  • Automatically replace keywords in your content with the short link URLs you’ve set up.
  • Auto-tweet to Twitter when you publish a new post containing the shortened URL.
  • Install a customizable horizontal bar at the top of any of your pages and links for enhanced branding and visitors’ retention (proven to be able to reduce bounce rate.)
  • Lifetime update, 30 days money back guarantee.

Pretty powerful, indeed.

I use Pretty Link on every WordPress-powered sites in my portfolio, and I highly recommend you to use the free plugin, and when you feel the plugin helps you a great deal and want to have a more powerful version of it, consider purchasing Pretty Link Pro.

Ivan Widjaya
Shorten URL with Pretty Link

Ivan Widjaya is a webpreneur and an owner of a site network. He actively runs, a small business tips blog, and, a cloud business blog .

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