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Seven Secrets To Efficiency In The Digital Age

It’s the twenty first century, and though we haven’t quite yet found ourselves living the futuristic dreams of Hanna and Barbera in the technologically driven utopia wonderfully animated in the Jetsons (we know you’ll remember this). We do live in a world that is increasingly automated, where everything is faster, so fast at times it can feel as though we are well acquainted with the future before it has arrived. But that duo were onto something, as when it comes to business, having a foot in the future is the key to efficiency, and the best way to achieve this is to harness the power of digital solutions, to support every aspect of your business.

Get RTI Ready

It’s the end of April, so it’s a smart time to begin this conversation with HR and Payroll talk. The government have introduced changes to the way we will be getting paid, in the biggest shake up of HMRC since the end of World War II. Now rather than submitting information in bulk at the end of the year, you will be required to update information every time you pay your employees.

A few companies and software providers are trialling software at the moment for HMRC to prepare for October, when the new system will be in operation en masse – Sage is one good example, which leads on nicely to the next point…

Join The Cloud

the cloud

image credit: ponsuwan

You’ve probably heard tell about cloud systems, and possibly dismissed them as being the preserve of tech nerds. But in this age, we all need to nurture our inner tech geek in order to survive: cloud systems are the newest way of storing and sharing information – online sites such as Soundcloud and Dropbox are good examples of cloud technology, alongside Google Drive which enables multiple users in different locations to work on and view documents simultaneously in real time. Check out this slide explaining cloud technology

Sort Out Your Social

social networks

Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google Plus – in the same way as we use these platforms to share our lives with our friends and family within our personal lives, businesses have gradually cottoned onto the importance of creating profiles to network with other organisations in similar fields and it’s important to have an engaging presence online, as it’s an extra avenue for generating business and speaking to you existing and newer audiences ….

Get In With The Crowd

From the playground to adulthood the eternal quest for popularity never dies, and although the digital world presents an opportunity for everyone to have a voice, (unless you’re in North Korea, sorry) the “leader of the pack” rules still apply, and online the best way to get to the top is to speak to people with a unique voice, in a language they can relate to about things they care about. Digital technology recognises ‘social currency’ and in order to build yours, your presence online should filled with interesting content to keep people heading in your direction.

Collaborate and Share

Not got much time to write interesting things about your business or sector? Then collaborate! Get someone else to write for you.

Aside from saving time, it’s a great way to network online, and to build your profile within and speak to different audiences. Stay ahead of the pack by recognising that odd fashioned empty slogans and hard-selling are dead: the public can see through the smoke and mirrors around PR and businesses need to work harder to communicate to the public. Try out groups like Ink Elves who can cost effectively do the talking for you.

Time Management Tools

There are apps for everything these days- whilst some are a little counterproductive, many more have been designed with the sole purpose of helping you to get stuff done in a manner that’s easier, faster and more simple. Check out this page with 100 web tools to make your life easier.

Try Stuff Out For Free

You hardly need to be told why this is important, but it’s the best way to see what works well for your business, from storage to payroll, word processing to graphic design, you can try before you buy!

About the Author: Tej is a writer from London who has a thing for covering cool business tech. Blogging for Sage you can find more helpful tips here and on Twitter @Sageuk

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