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Ready to Sell Your Products Online? Setup an Online Store in 15 Minutes with Vendr

vendr online store solutionIf you are having difficulty in integrating an online store to your existing site, this is a solution that might end your miseries: Vendr.

What is Vendr?

Vendr is basically an ecommerce solution that allows you to sell your products, both physical and digital: Your products, designs, music or pictures.

Vendr’s main strength is its simple installation and compatibility with your current site. Installation will only require 15 minutes of your time, and the best of all – it’s free!

Here’s how Vendr works: Just add a piece of code in your site’s <head> section, add a “store” button to your site, and there you go – the online store has been installed on your site. Your next step would be to add products to the store and start selling.

One of Vendr’s great benefits is its ability in retaining your site visitors. Instead of sending your site visitors to another site to browse for products and/or to make a purchase, Vendr-powered online store will pop-up over your site’s content whenever your visitor clicks on the “store” button.

Vendr Online Store

Some other great benefits include the integration of Paypal and Google Checkout as payment methods and web-newbie-friendly installation process.

How to make it work?

You can sign up and start integrating Vendr-powered online store on your site for free. The free version allows you to display up to 5 products, 9 images per product, store buttons and widgets, and store dashboard and stats. A pretty good deal if you would only need to sell a limited number of products that require no sophisticated features of inventory tracking and digital download support.

The premium plans, starting from $9.95/month, will allow you to add more products and product images and access to more advanced features, such as Affiliate Program Manager. You can also try Vendr’s premium plans for 15 days, free of charge.

How can Vendr help me in my webpreneurship endeavor?

Obviously, it can help you setup a web store within 15 minutes and you can start to sell your products right away, allowing you to make money and grow your business quickly. Plus, if you know basic HTML or PHP coding, you certainly don’t need to hire any developers to get yourself a simple yet powerful online store.

As of today, registration requires invitation code – but no worries, you can email Vendr to request for invitation code.

I don’t see a reason that would hold you back from trying this ecommerce solution – well, go on, give it a try!

Ivan Widjaya
I fave simple e-commerce solution

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