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Isn’t It Time That Your Business Had A Website?

In this day and age, many businesses have their own websites and seem to be happy with them. But you may be surprised to learn that there are still many that do not. If your company has not joined the World Wide Web, here are some reasons why you should think about making that cyber leap sooner rather than later. Opening Hours Just imagine that your business is open twenty four hours a day, every [...]

It’s Vital You Pay Attention To These 5 Basic On-Page SEO Strategies

I notice lots of people running around building backlinks and hoping for miracles to happen. They sit there for hours doing everything imaginable to get as much of them as they possibly can. There is nothing wrong with this as long as you’re taking care of what is on your blog too, but people aren’t. On-page SEO has taken a backseat and the only thing that matters to them is commenting [...]

Top Things To Learn Before Launching A Website

Launching a website is something that anyone can do, and the wonder of the internet is how it has truly democratised business and created wonderful opportunities for entrepreneurs that simply weren’t there before. While anyone can launch a website though, if you want it to actually be a hit then it certainly does pay to spend some time researching how to make the most of it and learning skills [...]

How To Design A Great Website For The Tech Niche

Designing a website is not a process you can complete by following a set list of rules and guidelines. While there may be certain elements of web design that are similar across the net, creating a website should be something that’s highly personal and very subjective. What works for one site will not work for another, and elements such as your target demographic, your personal taste, your budget [...]

Keep Up With The Social Networks – 5 Trends Worth Following In 2013

In spite of the speculations that social networks will become obsolete in the near future, the truth is that they are actually gaining more ground. Nowadays, it is practically impossible for any business that goes online to implement an effective internet marketing campaign without integrating major social networks in the overall strategy. Judging by the influence they had on the 2012 online marketing [...]

Your Website’s Disaster Contingency Plan

For many of us hurricane Sandy now seems like old news. For a while it dominated the news, but now we’ve come through the other end there are more important things to worry about. That’s not true of course for those families and businesses who were affected by it directly though, and if you were one of the many whose lives were touched by the storm then chances are you’re going to [...]

What Online Strategies Can You Utilize to Promote Your Restaurant?

The internet has certainly made a lot of things obsolete. Things or methods that were pretty effective before are no longer used these days because the net offers so many techniques that are more efficient and more convenient to use than outdated procedures. It’s the same with marketing goods and services. In the past, businessmen typically advertised their products in newspapers, magazines, [...]

Mastering These 3 Skills Will Make You Awesome in Any Business

Sales, negotiation and leadership are three heavyweights that when mastered can make you a force in business to be reckoned with: Sales Be a story seller, not a product seller In 2006, MasterCard rolled out its Christmas advert where people were patiently waiting for their loved ones at an airport arrival. Then the joy and excitement at seeing them when they came through the doors. The smiles, the [...]

5 Safety Tips To Help You Sleep Easier When You Run Your Business From A Laptop

When you first find out it’s possible to run a business from your laptop it’s a special feeling. You realize you have the power to do anything. You could spend one week working on a tropical island and the next week in a busy city. You have the ability to move more freely than you ever have in your life. All that freedom comes with lots of benefits, but there’s unfortunately a downside [...]

iPad POS for Business

How great is the iPad POS when it comes to helping to run a modern retail business? Just ask any store owner who’s operating in the black these days! Being a business owner, I am constantly dealing with long lines, impatient customers, trying to increase sales and keeping up with inventory every quarter. I can’t imagine my life before the POS system and speaking from first hand experience, I have [...]
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