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Just Acquired: Startup Warrior

I just acquired Startup Warrior. It’s a business application – a business search site, if you like – that lets you to find the locations of IT companies worldwide. You can click on the “markers” on the map to explore more about the location of the business, information regarding the business, and nearby businesses. The site is very useful in exploring your potential location [...]

What is the Difference between SEO and SEM?

There are so many Internet marketing acronyms these days it’s hard not to get them mixed up. One thing you must be clear on is that SEO and SEM are two totally different things. Although many Internet marketers specialize in offering both these services, they don’t always need to go together. SEO The real meaning of SEO is search engine optimization. SEO is everything you do to optimize [...]

Amateur SEO and Internet Marketing is a Waste of Your Time

You’re a savvy business person. You have to be, or else your business wouldn’t stand a chance, right? As we know, most upstarts end in disastrous failure. But not yours. You’re building a thriving business. And you’re doing so by: Doing your homework Putting in lots of long hours Making smart decisions with both your time and your money And it’s for you—the business [...]

Long Tail Keywords and Keyword Density – Their Importance in SEO

SEO is a difficult process and it continues to get tougher with the innovation of the new ways in which people find information on the internet. All websites have been developed as a result of the new technology and with the increase in the internet usage; the role of search engine optimization is becoming increasingly important. SEO must be included in all stages of setting up a website, designing, [...]

Street-smart Webpreneur: How to Buy Great Websites at Great Prices

Do you like shopping? On certain extent, I do. If you are like me, you would enjoy buying the best stuffs at the lowest prices. If you want to buy stuffs at great prices, you should look at pawn shops, garage sales, yard sales, local markets, and such. One thing you can benefit from shopping from such places: Stuffs people don’t want might be treasures to you. In webpreneurship, the same principle [...]

Why I Invest in Blogs more than the other Types of Web Business

Every webpreneur has his/her own preference of web businesses. As of for me, I prefer blogs over the rest – I have my own reasons. Read on. Before we go on, let’s explore deeper on the type of web businesses webpreneurs are usually investing in. Types of web business 1. Lead-based websites Some webpreneurs prefer websites that can give them income from leads. Financial sites, such as [...]

Fish for Traffic by Link Baiting

Local internet marketing has become a must for businesses that want to take advantage of the internet. And why shouldn’t businesses do so? We, after all, are now living in the internet era. One of the questions regarding local internet marketing that needs an immediate answer is how to get scores of customers to visit the company website more frequently.  One solution involves the concepts [...]

What to Do When Website Rank Drops

Declines in website ranking can be difficult especially if you’re a beginner at SEO and especially if you’ve put a significant amount of effort and time into promoting your website. You can complain about it the whole day, but make sure that you will not leave things that way. I know how hard it is to accept that your website’s rankings dropped. When I was just starting out, I felt [...]

How to Build a Quality Blog Network Powered by Guest Posts

If you are eager to build a successful blogging empire like B5Media, I have some tips for you. Read on! B5Media has blogs that attracted 3 million unique visitors per month. B5Media blogs’ content is supplied by paid bloggers who are responsible in writing blog posts and engaging the readers. So, yes – you CAN built a network like B5Media, BUT you need $$$ – plenty of them – [...]

How to Turn Your Google+ Posts into Feeds (Plus some Online Business Ideas)

Eager to turn your Google+ posts in the form of feeds? I have just stumbled on an application that can help you to do just that: PlusFeed . What is PlusFeed? PlusFeed is an unofficial Google+ user feeds allowing you to turn your Google+ posts into feeds compatible with most RSS feed readers – just like your good ol’ feeds from your blogs. How to use PlusFeed It’s very simple! All [...]
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