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Online Business Idea: Start Any Websites Related to Cloud Computing

cloud computing business ideaMany consider 2010 as the year of cloud computing; I agree to such statement because I also feel that 2010 is the tipping point for anything cloud computing. The terms of “cloud computing” and “the cloud” are being extensively used by marketers, because they hold the capability to be catchy, trendy and… selling.

In 2011, you are start reading, hearing and seeing that almost everything has the word “cloud” in front of them – cloud business, cloud apps, cloud accounting, cloud hosting, cloud storage, cloud music cloud printing, etc. You also exposed to new cloud-related jargon on regular basis: cloud outage, cloud sprawl, cloud migration, cloud adoption, etc.

All of those being said, 2011 is also a good year to start an online business jumping into the “cloud” bandwagon. So here’s an idea for you: Start a cloud-related website on anything.

Some cloud-related online business ideas

Here are some cloud-related websites you can start even without any technical knowledge on cloud computing:

1. Blog or resource website on cloud-related topics

With so many new buzz words related to cloud computing, establishing a blog or a resource website that can help others to understand about the cloud better would be a great idea.

I did started a blog on cloud business reviews about 10 months ago and it’s growing so well simply because people are eager to learn more about the cloud.

2. Cloud jobs sites

How about establishing a cloud-related job site? Since cloud computing is booming, there are new job openings with new job descriptions available today, such as Cloud Engineer, Cloud Manager, etc. So I think it would be a great idea to establish something like this cloud jobs site, offering cloud-related job openings.

3. Cloud service reviews site

With so many choices available today, it must be difficult to choose the right cloud service for you. Just consider this: Want to store your music? There are Amazon Cloud Drive, Apple iCloud, BestBuy Cloud Music, Google Music, etc. – each with its own strengths and weaknesses. How do you know which one is the right one for you?

As an online entrepreneur, you should answer to people’s need: Why don’t you start a site reviewing cloud services, rate them, and recommend them? If the cloud services have affiliate programs, they can be serious money makers for your site – so you need to “lure” your readers to sign up via your affiliate links.

4. Providing cloud services

For this cloud-based online business idea, you need to have an extensive knowledge on cloud technologies OR you need to partner with someone whose IT skills and cloud knowledge is his/her bread and butter.

You can start a real business, offering cloud services, such as online collaboration tools, productivity tools, backup tools, etc. You can make money via pay-as-you-go or subscription model.

So – there you go… 4 cloud-related business ideas allowing you to ride the wave of everything cloud! Good luck in your webpreneurship endeavors!

Ivan Widjaya is a webpreneur and an owner of a site network. He actively runs, a small business tips blog, and, a cloud business blog .

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