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Online Business Idea: Start a Webmaster Tools Site

online business ideaSEO should be a pure science with measurable results. However, the truth tells different stories. Not only SEO, almost anything related to a site always has that X factor. That’s why webpreneurs need all the help they can get; that’s why Webmaster tools are always on demand; a truly lucrative online business opportunity.

Here’s a great online business idea for you: Webmaster tools site.

Webmaster tools site offers tools that can help you with your webpreneurship endeavors, including: Analyzing your site’s SEO and link building effort, finding the right domain name for your next website, and many more.

Webmaster tools site owners are usually offering their services for free, while some of them are implementing a freemium strategy – free service for basic functions with an option to access premium services.

Here are a couple of examples of Webmaster Tools site you can start:

All-in-one SEO Tools Site

Offering all-in-one SEO tools for visitors free of charge is a great way to help webmasters and webpreneurs alike.

One of the SEO Tool scripts I recommend is Scriptalicious. It currently enable your site to have up to 77 SEO scripts, such as backlink checker, search engine position checker, Twitter link checker and plenty of other checkers.

If you offer the services for free, where will you make money from? Advertising. You can also promote affiliate products related to SEO and webmasters. If you run an established SEO consulting business, you can have the Webmaster Tools site to bring you ultra-targeted client. The opportunities are limitless.

Expired Domain Search Site

Running an expired domain search site is a great way to help other webpreneurs and domain name investors to discover superb domain names for their web asset building purposes.

Again the key here is to run the service free of charge. However, you can make money more than simply on-site advertising – you can actually embed your affiliate code in the expired domain search results; this way, you can generate automated affiliate income from your site.

There are many scripts available, but I recommend you an expired domain search script from Cachelogic, because you can get more than simply expired domain names, but also their Google PageRank, Alexa Rank, indexed page checker and backlink checkers – a powerful tool, indeed.

The possibilities are limitless

There are other online business ideas related to Webmaster tools, such as domain name finder and registration sites, web developing sites, and many more.

For more ideas, I recommend you to browse Webmaster forums.

Ivan Widjaya
Online business idea

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