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Newly Acquired Web Business: Web Directory Solution

web directory solutionI am happy to announce my most recent purchase of web business: Web Directory Solution.

Web Directory Solution is offering web directory services, such as web directory creation, web directory template design, directory submission service and web directory-related domain name sales.

Also resides within Web Directory Solution is a well-built and well-developed web directory, bidding directory and web directory forum. So the infrastructure is there.

It’s safe to say that I am buying a dying web business – it is neglected at best, and considering the estimated hours put into the business, it’s nearly a crime to abandon such site.

Due to such negligence, the purchase price is, in my opinion, very low. Of course, I won’t disclose it here – but let’s say that the actual purchase price is way below the estimated value of the site (I recon I bought the site at less than 10% of what the web business should be valued at – nice!)

Why am I interested in such abandoned site? Well, in web property investing, someone else’s junks can be our precious gems; in this case, I consider myself lucky to acquire this hidden gem. See, I practice what I preach 😀

Now, there should be some steps taken to awaken the giant, such as press releases, forums marketing, social media marketing, and some others. I might also need to outsource the services being offered to my list of outsourcing partners.

Let’s see where this will go – fingers crossed!

Ivan Widjaya
Web Directory Solution

Ivan Widjaya is a webpreneur and an owner of a site network. He actively runs, a small business tips blog, and, a cloud business blog .

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