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My First Look on Google+

google plusI’ve just tried Google+ and I must say it has the potential to be a real contender to Facebook. It’s still on beta, so I think I consider myself a tester.

Inside Google+, all I can say the first time is – um, wow. For better or worse, Google+ display things like Facebook. Not trying to be sarcastic, but seriously Google is smart in implementing the look-and-feel of the Facebook’s front-end many people are familiar with.

I personally like how my profile page looks like.

What’s included in the Google+ profile page?

You can have posts you’ve done in Google+, videos, photos, +1’s and your Google Buzz updates.

Your Google+ profile About page is pretty comprehensive; it contains LinkedIn-like details: Employment history, educational background, etc. – along with links to your websites and social media profiles.

Google+ Circles

The “Circles” are actually the grouping system Google+ does to categorize your connection – friends, acquaintances, etc. To me, it’s pretty much like Facebook’s “add to list” function.

I found that Google+ Circle is somehow addictive… adding new friends by click-and-dragging them to a circle is done with cool games-like animation… with a big number showing how many friends you have.

For the other features, such as Hangouts and Sparks, I haven’t really tested them, but I do know that Sparks can help you get reading suggestions geared toward your interest.

How my online business will benefit from Google+?

Well, Google has a plan to develop the business version of Google+ – so there’s gotta be something for businesses using Google+ to do business… it’s still unknown, though…

I suspect Google will push the LinkedIn-like features – such as Pro version for better connecting and networking capabilities, the ability to post sponsored ads to the regular users, and everything like what many businesses do with their Facebook or LinkedIn account.

Let’s see what will happen once Google+ is officially launched.

As of for me, I plan to use Google+ to get the words out about my websites, as well as connecting and networking with like-minded people.

Ivan Widjaya is a webpreneur and an owner of a site network. He actively runs, a small business tips blog, and, a cloud business blog .

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