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Marketing Is The Thing That Makes Spas, Salons Bustle With Activity

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There are lots of spas and tanning salons springing up all of the time, and that means if you’re already in the spa and tanning salon business you’ve got to work extra hard to distinguish yourself enough to attract new business, and keep your business fresh in the minds of your current customers so that they keep returning to your shop.

You may be lulled into the belief that your current roster of loyal customers will always remain so, and that word of mouth is sufficient to get new customers coming through your front door. But the truth is that these days many people are extremely budget minded, and are always keeping an eye open for opportunities to find discounts on their typical expenses, including trips to the spa or salon.

Why Newspaper Ads No Longer Work

Many of the newer businesses are using more sophisticated means of getting the word out about their businesses than did salon and spa owners of earlier times. A simple advertisement in the local newspapers is not sufficient, especially when so many advertisers are using the Internet to reach customers, and so many potential customers are getting the bulk of their information from online sources.

If you hope to get the attention of those potential customers in your area and hold it, you’ got to engage in some spa marketing. That can suggest a variety of different course of action including setting up a Web page for your spa or perhaps engaging in an Internet advertising campaign to let people know about the special features that make your spa stand out from the pack.

Other Advertising Options

Some of the advertising options available to you include sending email announcements to your loyal customer base letting them know about specials that your business is offering. Of course, this supposes that you have been collecting a database filled with your customers’ email addresses. If you already have a Web page set up for your salon you might want to install a feature on it that encourages and allows customers to leave their email address with you electronically so that you can remain in contact with them.

If you’re doing some tanning salon marketing, you might want to take a further step and put advertisements on the Internet that are targeted toward reaching a new group of potential customers. This kind of advertisement may involve “pay per click” ads that are posted prominently on the Internet and are linked to your company’s Web site. In pay per click advertising you pay the advertising firm with whom you’ve contracted each time a potential customer clicks the link on your advertisement and is delivered to your Web page.

Once the potential customer arrives on your Web page it’s up to you to have a Website ready that interests the prospect and makes her want to buy your products. Once you accomplish that you’ll likely see your sales increase dramatically.

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