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Marketers Twisted and Fretted by Twitter: Reveals Survey

twitter sucksAre you thinking of posting a comment or tweeting to some company’s social media page? Hey, just hold on for a minute. Read through this article and you may want to change your mind soon. Though the world is going gaga over various socializing sites, believe it or not, surveys have revealed that some companies are yet to get themselves at ease with this new age technology.

Being in sync with the increasing number of folks who love to stay connected to social sites anytime anywhere, do you also consider yourself as a tech savvy person who is completely bowled over by the options of ‘share’, ‘like’ and ‘tweet’ ? Well, we know that it will be only a few heads nodding in negative. But it’s a surprising fact that though social media may be the hottest and happening place to be ‘in’, there are lots of companies who face a really tough time getting a grip of these sites and its usage.

Yes, you heard it right.

Despite the fact that every company, be it big or small, may agree to the unlimited benefits of social media; recent studies have exposed something odd and different. According to the survey conducted by a research company ‘evolve24′, results show that these social media sites, especially Twitter, have left many company’s marketers twisted and tattered. It also says that majority of the customer complaints, approximately 71%, that land in a company’s Twitter page mostly get unrecognized or simply get ignored as the marketing staffs are yet to become a pro to join in the league of these latest e-networking sites. Hence, next time when you think of using an organization’s networking page to voice your view or feedback, think twice as your voice may not get heard or acknowledged.

It’s not yet ended. The survey adds some more enticing and noteworthy facts about customer complain and company response. It discloses that people, especially women above the age of 35, fancy tweeting complains via Twitter and expects a reply the most. We can therefore deduce that it’s the elderly group who rules the roost of the survey as the primary group of customers to bank on Twitter the most to voice their say.

Now for the companies who had been turning a deaf ear to these complains posted via social sites, its high time you start responding to these pages as it can be your best and successful way to build a better communicating platform.

As we all know, it’s an open secret that women make the best shoppers, but there’s something more to it that can force these companies to sit straight and take notice. Do you know that reports prove that women spend more than $50 billion approximately on electronic and home decor goods each year? Are you aware of the fact that it is expected that soon the consumer market will be highly influenced by women?

With more than 80% of household decisions being taken by women, there’s no denying that the fairer sex do make for a valued customer. So for company marketers who still get jittery about these social media sites, with a special mention for Twitter, it’s time to wake up to these hard hitting facts and start getting your moves right, or you may end up losing some good sales.

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