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Long Tail Keywords and Keyword Density – Their Importance in SEO

search engine optimizationSEO is a difficult process and it continues to get tougher with the innovation of the new ways in which people find information on the internet. All websites have been developed as a result of the new technology and with the increase in the internet usage; the role of search engine optimization is becoming increasingly important. SEO must be included in all stages of setting up a website, designing, developing and while planning the constant marketing strategy of the website. A search engine marketer will work with you and comprehend your performance, assess your competitors and the opportunities that you can tap within the market. His main job is to benchmark your website presence to guarantee that the page value and the exposure within SERPs are retained throughout the adjustment and development of the website structure and content.

Long-tail keywords – Do they hold importance in SEO?

Keywords are an essentially important SEO tool. You simply cannot rank the most popular search engines without them. If you’re someone who is a newbie in the world of search engine optimization, you must roll up your sleeves to equip yourself with enough information on this subject so that you can end up ranking your website higher in search engine results. You can do that smart thing and outsmart others by just targeting the long-tail keywords. By doing this you need not deal with all the fierce competition for the popular head keywords and you’ll be one step closer to getting your site ranked higher. Have a look at the ways in which long-tail keywords outperform their shorter counterparts.

1. The convenience: If you compare the long-tail keywords with the head keywords, the former is easier to rank with. If you go to rank with a head keyword, you probably have to face millions of competitors. For instance if you need to rank with a head keyword like “home décor”, you probably need to combat at least 36 million websites. But instead, if you choose “handmade home décor in Texas”, your competitions will certainly drop.

2. You can rank faster: With the diminished competition, you need not spend half of your life optimizing your website as you will already rank high for using long-tail keywords.

3. Higher exposure: The least-known advantage of long-tail keyword is lot of exposure. If you use long-tail keyword for a certain period of time, you can rank better for your head keywords as well. As your website will gradually build the trust quotient, the long-tail keywords will offer enough targeted traffic and even expose the head keywords.

4. Conversion ratio: The internet users will find the websites targeting long-tail keywords to be more relevant than their counterpart. Reports suggest that the users with specific search queries know what they’re looking for and they’re more likely to turn to customers.

Keyword density and its significance in SEO

Keyword density is basically the percentage of keywords in your page content that target a particular keyword. In the early days, keyword density was an important factor for ranking well and most people became aware of this and started tweaking their keyword densities that often produced great results. In search engine optimization, the importance of keyword density can never be underestimated as this could spell the difference between oblivion and visibility. Check out some ways of improving keyword density.

* Write sentences using the important keywords and phrases
* While editing the new page or editing a page, utilize the right keywords and phrases for your industry
* On getting a list of keywords from WordTracker, place them tactfully so that they just don’t get wasted

Keyword density plays an important role in the content as they decide the quality of the content and their rank in the search engine results. The websites that usually rank within 1st and 20th positions in SERPs are user-friendly and well-written. Make sure you too choose long-tail keywords and place them in exact places to rank higher and also ensure increased traffic to your website.

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