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Lessons Learned:’s Controversial Listing on Flippa

website for sale - relistingHere’s probably the most commented Flippa listing so far – the for-sale re-listing of

I’ve written about sales before, and since then, the site has been re-listed 2 times due to unmet reserve prices.

The interesting thing is that in’s latest listing, the asking price is no longer in the $xx,xxx – the BIN price is $975,000.

At first, I thought that the BIN price tag is a typo – but reading the comments left on the listing page, the BIN price is, indeed, almost a million dollar; this raises some eyebrows and some ‘negative’ comments regarding the listing.

Reading through the comments, I concluded that many say the asking price is silly (some put it in the harsh way, but the idea is just the same.) Many argue that with no revenue generated, selling the site for a million dollar seems absurd.

In certain extent, yes – the price tag is ridiculous. But then, in pricing a website, the sky is the limit – the market will command whether the asking price is reasonable or not (from the comments, it seems that it’s unreasonable at best.) I myself believe that a site is worth as much as the market thinks it worth – if a buyer bid $10,000, then he/she thinks that the site worth that much.

Some interesting listing comments even suspect that owner is listing the site with a purpose of driving Flippa traffic to the site. I suspect the same, too – with such controversial price tag, plenty of comments are coming in to the listing.

Since Flippa listing page is indexed by the search engine (you can opt for non-indexed listing page, but in this listing’s case, the page is indexed,) the popularity of the page is raised, thus delivering more traffic and link value to If this is the real intention of the site owner, then his tactic is a real success, so far: 92 comments on the listing page and a jump in incoming traffic – if you check out the site’s Alexa stats, there are spikes of incoming traffic – which could be very well due to the Flippa listing’s click-through traffic.

Regardless the controversy, there is one “grey hat” lesson can be taken from’s listing: Listing your site on Flippa for about $25 for a month can bring in laser targeted traffic – the more controversial the listing is, the more traffic delivered.

‘Nuff said.

Ivan Widjaya
Being controversial is good – sometimes

Ivan Widjaya is a webpreneur and an owner of a site network. He actively runs, a small business tips blog, and, a cloud business blog .

4 Responses to “Lessons Learned:’s Controversial Listing on Flippa”

  1. Clown says:

    I wonder how long the game will go on.

  2. James Bond says:

    Someone bid 100,000 USD up from 12,500 USD, in an obvious illegitimate scam to manipulate the bids.

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