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Keep Up With The Social Networks – 5 Trends Worth Following In 2013

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In spite of the speculations that social networks will become obsolete in the near future, the truth is that they are actually gaining more ground. Nowadays, it is practically impossible for any business that goes online to implement an effective internet marketing campaign without integrating major social networks in the overall strategy.

Judging by the influence they had on the 2012 online marketing campaigns, it is safe to assume that 2013 will not be any different. The implication for the companies that want to maintain their online presence is that they need to watch out for and adhere to the new emerging trends. Let’s summarize the main social network tendencies assumed for 2013.

Local and mobile components will become stronger

The widespread nature and popularity of smartphones have pushed developers to come up with a new method of making local searches more accurate. Their attempt was successful and throughout 2012, SEO professionals were already discussing the implication of the social-local-mobile (SoLoMo) concept. It is necessary to mention that as far as the online marketing niche is concerned, it could mean a total shift considering that the message is the result of user location and social network activity, so it can no longer be thought about exclusively via alternative mainstream media sources.

Social network could expand to the offline settings

While the idea might seem impossible at first glance, you should know that it is already happening in various places across the globe. To be more precise, the user could offer you a “Like” or “Tweet” about a company’s campaign and earn in return a special deal for his purchases. In addition to this, it is estimated that such campaigns could be utilized to gain valuable feedback as well. Imagine walking into a store to buy something while having a social response on the matter! Wouldn’t that make your decision easier?

Sweepstakes could be converted into something else

Well, it might have been the numerous scams in this niche, but sweepstakes had a pretty tough 2012 and are predicted to die out in 2013. While some marketers might have a hard time finding something just as good to stir up the customers’ interest, you have to agree that sweepstakes disappearing could make way for a more exciting luck game, possibly with long-term perspectives.

Integrated campaigns yell for versatility

In all fairness, the only element that differs between the campaigns on various social networks consists of the actual size of the ads. To put it simply, everyone is tired of those copy-paste ads, while users feel that the company is not even trying. However, this year, all indicators seem to suggest that integrated campaigns are in for a total revamping, as rumors have it that they will start to become tailored in accordance to the social network and its users.

The death of online anonymity

The recent moves Google has made with YouTube and Google Play have raised a very legit concern regarding the biggest perk of the internet – anonymity. Even though it is perfectly understandable why almost everyone is upset with this, it is necessary to mention that it could have a beneficial effect on online interactions that may become more meaningful on the whole.

About the Author: This article was authored by Celina Rodger from Dialed-In Local. They provide services like SEO, mobile marketing and online marketing in Nashville.

photo credit: Gavin Llewellyn via photopin cc

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