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iPad POS for Business

How great is the iPad POS when it comes to helping to run a modern retail business? Just ask any store owner who’s operating in the black these days! Being a business owner, I am constantly dealing with long lines, impatient customers, trying to increase sales and keeping up with inventory every quarter. I can’t imagine my life before the POS system and speaking from first hand experience, I have to say this dream machine is better than I could have imagined. With everything begin digital now a days, from banking online with your checking account to having my businesses POS online it has been great to be able to access to everything I want all on my iPad.

A cloud-integrated, mobile iPad point-of-sale system allows clerks to run multiple registers and ring up items from anywhere in the store. Meanwhile, their bosses can track customers and inventory from any wireless network.

The fast transactions make customers happy, and the option of email receipts over paper receipts makes the environment happy (plus, of course, it cuts down on paper costs).

If the customer insists on a printed receipt, that’s not a problem. The iPad POS can handle print receipts and Z-reports in a flash, thanks to a fast wireless connection to the Star Micronics printer. A customer’s signature is transferred right from the touch screen to be printed instantly on the receipt.

No one likes having to return an item, but the iPad POS takes a lot of the aggravation out of the return process on both sides of the transaction. Sales clerks can return and void items while mobile, by simply entering the customer receipt number, selecting return items, and reimbursing money – just like that.

Managers and store owners have a wealth of valuable information at their fingertips with the iPad POS. The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) feature knows what individual customers like best, and how to reward them for their loyalty with prices, promotions and loyalty programs that will bring them back into the store, again and again.

The iPad POS makes it easy to manage several stores with one device. It even takes a lot of the work out of stocking, with an automatic stock replenishment feature. That gives mangers more time to figure out which products are popular and which are dead weight, based on information crunched by the iPad POS.

Store managers can log on, anytime, anywhere to run pre-defined reports, or create their own reports. They can use the iPad POS to view sales by accounts, product groups or even by which employees sold what! It doesn’t get any better than that – yet. Welcome to the future!

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