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Interesting Results from Web Worker Survey 2010

web worker survey, together with GigaOM Pro ran a survey on web workers and has reported that the results are just in.

The Web Worker Survey 2010, taken by 352 of WebWorkerDaily’s readers, resulting in a pretty much surprising findings. Here are the most interesting results and what I think of them:

1. Most web workers are not freelancers

Surprise, surprise – many think that most web workers are home-based freelancers, but the survey found this is not the case. 61 percent of web workers are full-time employees vs. 45 percent of web workers are freelancers.

This means a great deal to me: There is still a huge, and I mean, HUGE, potential for budding webpreneurs to grab their share of the Internet pie. So what are you waiting for? Start making money online right here, right now!

2. Nine out of ten VoIP users use Skype

As sad as it seems, I don’t use Skype – and I guess I’m off the track (or at least, the trend.) 60 percent of total respondents are using VoIP, while 90 percent of them are using Skype – it is darn popular, indeed!

With borderless and globalized market online, VoIP is a necessity, indeed. I personally use emails a lot, but I think I just need to add Skype in my communication tool list.

3. Cloud-based office suites are some of the most commonly used among web workers as productivity tools

38 percent of web workers use cloud-based office suites, such as Zoho and Google Docs – the most among all other productivity tools.

In addition, full-time employees are using installed software office suite more than full-time freelancers (65 percent vs. 54 percent,) while on the other hand, full-time freelancers are using web-based office suite more than the employees (13 percent vs. 3 percent.)

To me, the above also indicates one thing – webpreneurs who develop web-based office suites can enjoy a lower-competition niche productivity tool market than the installed counterparts.

You can get the free trial access to the full report on GigaOm Pro.

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