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How Webpreneurship can Bring You the Best Home Business Opportunities

webpreneurship rocksIf you are into working at home and establishing a home business for yourself, you should highly consider webpreneurship.

Online entrepreneurship’s main perks compared to the off line counterparts is speed and time leverage. If you can set it up right, the Internet allows you to do things nearly at the light of speed – and speed is crucial in the fast pace world of webpreneurship.

How fast paced is webpreneurship? A case study

I once run a small network of niche directories that makes me a nice $700 a month in net profit (revenue was about twice of that, while the operating cost goes into marketing efforts) PLUS thousands of dollar in flipping the directories.

In six month time, what seemingly promising was suddenly becoming a bust almost overnight. The game changer? Google slaps on the majority of web directories. And when those slaps happen to the niche directories, the impact is deadly – your business fails overnight, and there’s nothing you can do.

At that time, I should prepare and plan well – especially on plan B or C.

Bringing the best out of webpreneurship

The bad situation I was in is actually a revelation. Instead of seeing glass half empty, you and I should view this as glass half full. The speedy nature of webpreneurship is a huge money making opportunity – home based – if you know how to capitalize on it.

Here’s why webpreneurship can make you a huge home business opportunity:

  • Embracing speed means you can profit from what you discover way before anybody else starts to realize.
  • Working at home means you can deal things immediately – you can also attend business matters anytime during the day because in webpreneurship, you are most likely to cater worldwide market.
  • Webpreneurship + home business = more time for your family; you can build your business around your life, not the other way around that 90% of us (or more) are doing.

Here’s how to build a powerful home-based business, even with no employees:

  • Outsource – a simple forum post in webmaster/online business forums can give you plenty of quality leads.
  • Discover what works, then automate the whole process that replicate success.
  • Optimize, optimize, optimize – do A/B testing, do SEO/link building, optimize your site for better conversion, optimize your social media campaign, optimize your off line marketing, etc.
  • Learn, learn, learn – resources are available for free on the web (just like this site!); benefit from them!
  • Kick your “I’ll do it tomorrow” habit – webpreneurship rewards immediate, calculated actions; never tarry to implement a business idea, in which you have a hunch that it will work; do it NOW.
  • Invest in the right equipment and tools – get a fast and reliable Internet connection; get a powerful laptop; anything to help your webpreneurship journey easier.

Any other suggestions? Please comment to this article to share yours.

Ivan Widjaya
Webpreneurship rocks!
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Ivan Widjaya is a webpreneur and an owner of a site network. He actively runs, a small business tips blog, and, a cloud business blog .

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