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How to Use SEO For Your Business

seo for businessMany consumers will use search engines to locate businesses online. In order for a business to rank high in a search engine, it must utilize a variety of techniques that will help convince major search engines that its content is worth being listed above other websites for specific keyword terms.

The homepage and every sub-page should have the business’s name. At least one page should list what the company does and most importantly its contact information, as many customers visit a website searching for this information. Many companies will include an about us page, history and frequently asked questions (FAQ) page.

All of these pages contain text, which is indexed by search engines. Those searching for the specific business will have an easier time finding it on the search engine and there’s a chance that these pages will be indexed for more general search terms.

To increase the chances of getting customers to visit the website, owners should think about the types of words that users would type into the search engine to find the business. For example, one group of consumers might search for “bagel shop in Seattle” and a website with the keywords “bagel shop in Seattle” might be ranked in the search engine for this term, bringing the company free traffic and potential customers.

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The more content that the company places on the website, the more likely that content will be indexed by the search engines. However, the content should be relevant to the business in order to contain natural keywords that will improve the business’s chances of achieving a high ranking. For example, the bagel shop could write an article providing advice on which bagels to combine with which spreads.

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