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How to Use Clone Web Scripts to Build a Lucrative Web Business

website building tipsIf you are a budding webpreneur with limited budget in your venture, you might want to take a look at clone web scripts.

Clone web scripts, such as those from Scripteen, allow you to save thousands of dollar in development cost. Just purchase a clone script for less than $50 and you will be able to establish a web application that can potentially make you a nice amount of money.

What is a clone web script, anyway?

First thing first – what is a clone script and how is it different with other web scripts?

The answer is simple: A clone web script – as the name implies – clones a popular website, including all the functions. The front-end design is likely to be different (to avoid copyright issues) but what the site can do can be cloned.

Almost any sites and web services can be cloned: Facebook, Twitter, Facebook Like exchange script, “Pay with a Tweet” script, URL unshortener script, and many, many more.

How to use clone scripts to make money online?

I have purchased some clone web scripts myself. For some of my sites, I install the scripts and only do minor front-end changes. For the rest, I actually tweaked the scripts to best fit with my needs.

Yes, you can always tweak the codes the way you want it. So, be sure to buy open-sourced web scripts (there are scripts with encrypted source code so you can’t edit it.)

So, my best tip for you if you really want to make money online by establishing quality web sites using cloned script is: CUSTOMIZATION.

Having dozens of site offering relatively the same as you do will eventually saturate the market. Facebook like “train” sites – those that can help members to build the “like” counts on their Facebook page – are popular these days.

However, your window of opportunity is limited – since it’s affordable (you can buy Facebook Train script from Scripteen for only $59!) and easy to install.

Thus, to add value to your site and to differentiate your site from the similar others, you need to add more features.

How to add more features to clone scripts-powered websites

To add more features, you need to answer these questions: What my audience is looking for in my website? What is your niche really wanted from your website? How to make things easier for your target market?

More features can be added by tweaking the open-source codes yourself or hire a freelancer.

Scripteen is one of clone script makers that offer open-source clone scripts. If you plan to hire others, I recommend you to try

So, have you been using clone scripts to power your site? If so, please share your tips on building a successful website using clone web scripts… Marketplace

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