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How to Turn Your Google+ Posts into Feeds (Plus some Online Business Ideas)

plusfeed google plus feedEager to turn your Google+ posts in the form of feeds? I have just stumbled on an application that can help you to do just that: PlusFeed

What is PlusFeed?

PlusFeed is an unofficial Google+ user feeds allowing you to turn your Google+ posts into feeds compatible with most RSS feed readers – just like your good ol’ feeds from your blogs.

How to use PlusFeed

It’s very simple! All you need to do is to add your Google+ user number (the number in your Google+ profile URL, such as 103318831774620222147 in my Google+ profile URL to the PlusFeed tool, in this form:

For example – my PlusFeed URL:

What is Google+ feed for?

There are many usages possible by having your Google+ posts as feeds – here are some ideas you can do with the feeds:

1. Build an autoblog by aggregating Google+ feeds

You can create an automatic-updating blog about, for example, great business people on Google+ by adding PlusFeed URLs of Mark Zuckerberg, Chris Brogan, etc.

2. Build AllTop-like site for Google+ aggregates feeds of web and blog sites; you can create a clone of AllTop on Google+ niches, by adding PlusFeed URLs into the directory.

3. Add to your site as a widget

You can add your PlusFeed URL on your site as a widget to let your site visitors your updates on Google+. This is great to attract visitors to add you on their Google+ circles (following you on Google+) and business branding purpose.

…Or, you just simply want to read people’s Google+ update on your favourite RSS feed reader; just ad the PlusFeed URL into your reader and you’re done.

What is your idea in using Google+? Please share your opinion by commenting on this blog post.

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