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How to Start Effectively Advertising Your Company Online

advertising toolsAdvertising can be far more complex than people imagine. Advertising firms have difficulty in figuring out what will work with consumers, and they have specific training in just that. How is a regular business owner supposed to optimize advertising dollars without that training too? Fortunately, there are tools available to help in understanding consumer habits to maximize advertising effectiveness:

Understanding Your Customers’ Search Habits

Know how customers go about finding the information, products and services they are looking for. Tools like Google’s AdSense and AdWords provide a lot of information regarding which keywords bring in the most traffic, what the peak visiting times are, how long the person left the page open for, and how the visitor got there. Information about where the visitor went immediately afterward is available only if the person followed a link from your site.

Some companies like Phorm even help you figure out WHERE to advertise. Demographics surveys and customer feedback are the best ways to get all the right data for effective ad and content creation.

Perfectly Targeted Advertising Every Time

The beauty of Phorm’s system is the Open Internet Exchange (OIX). While other targeting tools expect you to accurately guess all of the quirks your target audience has while roaming the Internet, the OIX uses something far more precise: actual search habits of users. As the Phorm Investor Information page says, the ISPs and Phorm share in the revenue from advertising while stripping all personally identifiable information away before including it in the OIX.

That leaves the important bits such as what users look at when they surf the web and the IP addresses associated with those page visits. All a business has to do then is focus on creating relevant and interesting ad campaigns. Phorm’s OIX does the rest.

There is no need to spend too much time and money using the trial and error system to figure out which ad space is working the best. With Phorm’s ad tools, even if a user is on a page that has nothing to do with what you are selling, your ad is perfectly targeted. Ads directly correspond to their actual Internet habits, and not just what they may randomly type into a search engine on any given day. What better way to get the most out of each advertising dollar?

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