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How to Start a Directory Submission Service Business

semi automatic directory submission businessAre you eager to own a web business that can make you money automatically? I’m sure you do. But unfortunately, most of such opportunities are either scams or simply easy to start but hard to make significant amount of money.

Now, how about starting a web business that only requires you to do 2 things only, takes your time about 15-30 minutes a day, got paid via Paypal and high in demand?

One of a business that fulfill such criteria is directory submission service business.

What is this web business? Is it really lucrative?

With directory submission service business, you are basically making money by helping your clients to submit their links or articles to web directories.

There are several types of directory submission services: Manual, semi-automatic and automatic directory submission. Please read this article to learn more about each of them in brief.

I suggest you to offer semi-automatic directory submission service because it’s more budget-friendly to your clients and more search engine-friendly than automatic submission.

There are huge demand right now – people want to rank their sites better, and will find trusted service provider to do so with quality.

So how to start such web business?

1. Get and install semi-automatic directory submission scripts

What you are offering to clients is a web tool to help them submit their links and articles; so your job is to find a script allowing your clients to do self-serving directory submission.

There are some scripts available on the web today, but I recommend you to try PHP Dir Submit as it allows you to offer 3-in-1 directory submission services: link directory submission, article directory submission, and social bookmarking submission. Here’s a live site using the script: Smart Site Submit

2. Set smart pricing

If you are using PHP Dir Submit, you can get paid by “tokens.” Your clients buy tokens to allow them to submit their links or articles using your web tool.

I suggest you to offer 1 free token to each client which enable your clients to test the water first. Then you offer two options: pay per token or pay for tokens in bulk for a discount.

One advice: Don’t do price wars. Set your pricing slightly above market price and start offering outstanding support to your clients!

2 things you need to do to be successful

Here are the only 2 things you need to do with your semi-automatic directory submission site:

1. Update your list of directories regularly

You should remove bad links and add new directories to your list on regular basis. This is easily done from the Admin dashboard if you use PHP Dir Submit.

2. Promote, promote, promote!

Do social media marketing; build your links; get the words out – Twitter, FB, Google+ – anywhere!

That’s it – all you need to do next is to watch the money rolling into your Paypal account automatically via the integrated payment system – if you use PHP Dir Submit, that is :)

So – good luck in starting a successful directory submission service business!

Ivan Widjaya is a webpreneur and an owner of a site network. He actively runs, a small business tips blog, and, a cloud business blog .

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