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How to Sell Your Web Assets Properly

sell a websiteThere will be time when you want to sell your web assets, for various reasons. Here are some tips to help you sell your web assets successfully for the highest price tag possible.

Either you are doing website flipping or selling your web assets to finance your other endeavors, you need to sell your web assets properly, in order to get the most of your for-sale web asset. Here are the tips to help you make your web assets more sellable:

1. List your sites on trusted buy and sell marketplace

Free-to-list marketplaces are generally not the right places to find quality buyers – there are lots of scammers making use of the free listing, simply because free means lack of legal bindings between buyers and sellers.

Flippa is one of buy and sell marketplace I highly recommend. Listing your sites require you to pay a certain amount of fee, including submitting some proofs to back your listing. Potential buyers of your site are also well screened – you can review your potential buyers rating, as well as their previous activities on Flippa. Placing a bid put a buyer into a legal binding agreement with the seller.

2. Prepare your financial information properly

Like many others, I rarely record my sites’ finances: monthly revenue and expense details, monthly stats, and more. However, I learned that keeping your sites’ financial records will allow you to back your for-sale site’s asking price. Furthermore, implementing professional approaches to your sites’ financial can be very appealing to potential buyers. I also found out that legalizing your site’s financial statement can get more interested buyers. So, spending some money for this purpose to double your site’s credibility sounds good to me.

Now, what if your site generates no revenue? You still need to prepare the same financial statement – in this case, your site expense records. The idea here is to present a worthy statement for potential buyers to help them making well-informed purchase decision.

3. Be sure to list all of your site’s upside

Believe it or not, many – including me – overlook many positive qualities on a site. Generally, sellers highlight domain name value, site stats, profits, design uniqueness and content quality to pitch buyers.

Well, guess what – you ain’t seen nothing yet – here are other possible ‘sellable’ qualities of your site: The amount of time needed to maintain the site, your plan for the future, list of authority sites mentioning your site, bonuses for the buyer, and many more.

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Ivan Widjaya
Sell a website

Ivan Widjaya is a webpreneur and an owner of a site network. He actively runs, a small business tips blog, and, a cloud business blog .

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