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How To Promote Your Blog in the Offline World

offline blog promotionSo, you believe that you have done a damn good job in the online world by making your blog shooting through the roof as far as its popularity is concerned and the traffic volume is the proof of it. But you are not content with the things are and willing to explore new world by making a foray into the bastion of offline industry. This is as expected not a piece of cake walk. You need get out of your comfort zone and meet real person without caring a fog about your dashing online presence. So, it is more about hard work than smartness. However, here in this article, we are going to give you a headway on how you are supposed to kick start the offline marketing campaign with flying colors:

Participate in Blogger Meetup: You can be shy guy in real world, but you need to overcome that thing when it comes to offline marketing. Be proactive and presentable while you are in a blogger meet-ups. I have personally been to some blogger meets and the enthusiasm of the participants is overwhelming, if not contagious. Be patient, listen to what others are saying, and observe how other bloggers are promoting their blogs. Once you are confident or have an idea of how you are supposed to promote your blog, you should take the dais and go for the killing.

Have A Business Card: Having your blog URL printed in your business card is one of the effective ways you can make your blog reach out to a greater number of people. Since people are much into the habit of keeping business card of others, it can help your blog getting its due share and importance.

Have a Custom T-Shirt: Yah, I have seen many people are trying this technique and this is the most effective way to get your message across to targeted audience without making any effort from your part. All you need to do is to get the logo and URL of your Blog printed in a T-shirt with a nice tag line and you will see people staring at your whenever you hit the road. What else do you want? Your blog’s offline presence will see a major uptick in coming days.

Distribute handbill: The idea may sound cliché but believe me this idea still work.  And the good part of distributing handbill is that you do not need to splurge money for that, is one of the most cost-effective offline marketing tool. All you need to do create a compelling ad and there you go. Try to promote handbills among those who are passionate about blogging thing.

Mix Offline and Online World:   I hope that most of your facebook fans have some offline identities. So, rather than posting updates about your blog on your facebook page, you can promote your blog in a friendly manner during the chitchat. Do not be shy and I am not asking you to put on your marketing while you are chilling out. Just a friendly mention of your blog will do and I hope it will not have a major impact on your friendship.

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