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How to Market Your product with Photo Sharing Sites

share photosA tweet worth 140 characters or less, but mark my words a picture, judging by the same parameter will worth at least 10 thousand words. The efficacy of photo in promoting service or making product popular has never been underestimated rather marketers are looking for new avenues to use photos give their existing marketing campaign a fresh new facelift. Since photos are more attractive and easy to the eyes than words, they are marketers’ biggest bet. But it all boils down the quality of the photos and how you are employing it to your advantages. Failing to follow the market standards may cost you hugely. Apart from facing problems in the financial fronts, your brand value may go for a toss. So, before you jump start, check out the tips in advance:

Photo Sharing Sites Are popular: Question may arise why you should take the pain to create accounts in different photo sharing sites and post some great photos there rather than posting the same photos and images in your own website. This is a valid question and it deserves to get a valid answer. Ok the thing is that these photo sharing sites are hugely popular and they regularly draw thousand times over the traffic what your site manages to get in a single month. So, the equation is simple. Should you go for for say 2oo visitors or 200K visitors? It is your take.

Bigger Exposure: Suppose you are promoting your service or product via your own blog, it will not be able to create the craze or buzz that could otherwise be easily created depending on your creativity prowess if you are doing the same in photo sharing sites. Just maintain the fact that you are following zero tolerance policy when it comes to the quality of the images. However, if you are going a little low on the quality, you can browse the awesome collection of great images available in reputed photo sharing sites. Could not stretch the budget anymore? Ok, not an issue, there are discount coupon available for mixbook and snapfish photo book. Give them a try.

Spread of Love: if you are promoting your product in photo sharing sites, chances will be there that some reputed bloggers may come across them and will ask you to give him the permission to use them in their blog with credit to your website in the form of a link back or banner image. Moreover, people are always in the look out for great images to share with their friends and that means, if you can make your images look great and interesting, they may stand the chance of getting some social love in the form of more Facebook likes, Google + etc. What else you may want.

Do Not Ignore Search: By sharing your images in photo sharing sites, you will be able to get valuable inbound links to your websites and that means, you will have a bigger and more prominent presence in Google Image search that will lead to more traffic. And while sharing images via photo sharing sites, you need to keep in mind that you are adding a creative and well optimized description and title. Do not go overboard with the keywords, it would look both funny and gibberish. Keep it short and simple.

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