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How to Make Money from Starting and Selling a Weight Loss Blog

make money flipping blogsUnlike popular belief, you don’t need a PhD in Healthcare to make a fortune with the weight loss bandwagon. Making a website with plenty of helpful information about weight loss and reinforcing it with some personal experiences, while providing tips and reaching out to fellow weight loss crusaders, is a good way to enter into this market.

There are many ways to monetize on a weight loss site. This article will give you a few ideas about how to monetize a weight loss website by selling it.

What does “flipping” mean in the world of investments?

“Flipping” is a term that comes from property investing. It applies usually to houses that investors or speculators buy and then sell when their market value has increased. The same term can be used for internet investments such as a weight loss site. By creating a weight loss website and selling it afterwards you have the potential to earn in the five figures without having to go through too many hoops. This approach has been tested and is pretty effective once you figure out the schematics of how to execute it. It takes a matter of months or a few years before you can see monetary results.

In property,the monthly rental income of a house(vs. monthly costs)determines the sale value of the investment. Something similar applies to internet properties. The main factors that contribute to the value of the site are the amount of monthly traffic, the monthly revenue, the type of revenue and the product continuity. Basically, the more traffic you have, and the more you can turn this traffic into sales or clicks, (vs. costs) the higher the value of your website.

Gaining traffic by targeting low competition keywords

Traffic is the key parameter to the value of a website. So how can you get a site to start getting traffic in a matter of days or months? If you wanted to start your website and build it from ground zero you need to be able to come up with a site that is marketable in a very specific niche. Instead of making your site too wide and waiting for it to start ranking in Search Engines for a very competitive keyword, which normally takes a long time and hard work, you should focus on long-tail keywords that aren’t used by your competition.

For example, if your main keyword is “weight loss products” which is extremely competitive, then you should pull up long tail keywords such as “best weight loss products in 2012″ or “proven weight loss solutions for women”. The secret is to identify hundreds of low competition keywords and try to earn S.E. traffic from them. The more traffic you earn, the more money you can earn from your site.

3 examples of weight loss sites that were sold for good money

To prove that setting up and selling a weightloss site that focuses on a specific niche is not just a theory I have listed below 3 examples.

  1. A popular fitness and health directory in Australia with more than 90% of its contents contributed by its users. This was sold recently for a good amount with an impressive track record from the maker.
  2. This fitness-shopping site was able to earn $11,000 even though it wasn’t the best in the market and had a low profit margin.
  3. This website was sold for $50,000 and just shows how much the fitness industry has grown and is becoming a huge part of the Internet. Considering that this sale was posted three years ago this website is now probably worth more.

Conclusion: The point I want you to take from this article is that if you chose to enter the weight loss market, then you owe to choose a sub-niche or it will take you too long to see results. All things considered, there isn’t a simple formula that gives you instant profit, you actually have to work hard and put in the effort.

About the Author: Charles often blogs about writes about effective dieting practices for bloggers. Currently, he is writing for a coupon blog that promotes nutrisystem code and medifast discount code. He also writes about internet marketing and web development.

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